Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunny sunday

oh, what a nice weekend so far. yesterday, i found a new little dear to add to my collection, and today, i downloaded a new pattern to play with.

in between all of that relaxing, i made who bread, (wheat/honey/oatmeal) which i turned into french toast this morning, with the addition of egg beaters, cinnamon and vanilla. yum!

happy sunday!

Friday, January 29, 2010


boy, i love design ;) this would be so cute in the perfect spot.

happy friday, friends.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

keeping it real

it's 3:20, and i'm frazzled today. just a full day of talking, strategizing, busy but not accomplishing, and wondering how much more of this i will be able to handle before my brain explodes into small bits... actually, it's not a bad day, just a draining one.

i just now remembered this devotional. a friend told me over the weekend that she is reading it, and it has been blowing her mind. i have had a copy for about 3 or 4 years, just never got around to reading it yet.

so, i started 2 days ago, reading a devotional a day. and each day, it has been as if God has walked up, told me to have a chair next to Him, and said what is on His mind and heart concerning me. it's just that 'real.'

so now, in the midst of the afternoon brain drain, i decide to go see what day #3 says, desperately wanting God in the mix of all of the 'stuff floating around in the head.'

here goes.

Incline your heart to Me, and attune your ear to My Voice. For I would speak to you, and I have an urgent message to give you. Do not set out to establish your own designs. I have already set in motion My divine will and purpose, and I would not have you interfere. I am jealous of my children; They are Mine, and you shall not intrude in any way to hinder My plans from working out. Yes you may do many things, but only that which I direct you to do can have My blessing. Resign all into My hands - your loved ones as well as your own self. Be obedient to the small voice. Your own imaginings may speak more loudly, but wait upon Me always. You will see the Wisdom in this in due time. Fret not about carnal things. concern yourself first and always with spiritual values. Truly, my promise is still: Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all other needful things will be added to you.

oh peeps. you don't even KNOW how much of that up there is God talking to me. all of it, i tell you, all of it. whatever you are doing, stop right now and think about how much He is in it, and longs to have a chat with you.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

secret hidden secret

my fingers hit 'BUY' pretty fast when i saw this neato item.

i think all my clients will be impressed at my technology and designerness, as long as i don't have to tell them i don't have a cell phone!

cauley flower

makin' THIS tonite for dinner. do you guys ever do the 'smashed cauliflower that seems like mashed potatoes' thing?

stats on larry

sorry guys, i did not get a photo. that would have just embarrassed him to death. he did laugh at the conversation about being blogged about, though.

so, i did use the search thingey that karen pointed out i already have. only this latest string of larry posts, and one other. that is much less than i thought! i need to blog about him MORE. today, he fixed my printer and is ordering an updated font software, so that i have faster load time.

i did kind of stalk him on facebook. of his 32 friends - i know 31 - so, you see, it's not just me. it's that we ALL (in advertising) seem to know and love larry. i seriously want to start a fanclub. who's in?!

carey. you need to dump carlo, and get a mac. then you can share larry, too!

clean eating

finally, after 4 days of nothing but coffee, fast food and computers, i HAD to make a decent dinner last night. it's true what they say about food that LOOKS good, tastes better. this was a beautiful stir fry! it was yummy, too. and i used up the veggies in my fridge that were getting almost too far gone to be good.

i really wish i could get back into being healthy. it's getting serious folks, but i am struggling with the consistency to change.

i did order this book, which came yesterday. i skimmed thru it, and there is really no new information in it, although it's nicely designed ;) that is because there is no new news concerning a healthy lifestyle. eat less, move more.

i was pretty proud that when i looked at the recipe section, almost an EXACT replica of the previously prepared dinner was in there. except i need to use a LITTLE less olive oil, and brown rice instead of minute rice.

yum. i wish i could make these changes stick this time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

another larry

my friend lou is a hidden computer expert. i am starting to call her my 'hidden larry.'

it's kind of funny, because she doesn't look like a computer expert at first glance. she is like me, she likes pretty things. and vintage things. and fluffy things.

but really, she is this other thing too.

last night i was whining about all the stuff that larry has to fix yet, including that i cannot use my computer on the couch, because it keeps asking for a password, and i don't have one. the conversation is funny. she is the one in green. i am in orange.

i need larry to remember my password for me. he must have put one on without telling me.

'no, you have a password.'

no. i don't. i hate passwords, and i always ask to not have them.

'yes. i asked you for it when i was over that one time, and you gave it to me.'

what is it?

'first. you go to keychain access. then scroll down to blah blah blah blah blah. a box will pop up on the left. click okay. what does it say?'

oh!!! there it is. my secret password. how did that get there?

'moment of silence.... which really means, i told you so...'

i am really happy, because you can never have enough larrys.

you're looking at my life for the past few days...i have been in pretty much the same position shown. yesterday i worked an almost 18-hour day. i am kind of amazed when i get in these modes.

see, i am coming out of a long dry spell. lots of boredom, frustration, and yes - some emotional turbulence - concerning my profession.

and then, in an instant, the tides can turn. it might be an idea that creeps into your head in the middle of the night. or a possibility of something wonderful around the corner. or the culmination of a million things going on at once, causing the brain to feel like it's going to explode with even more ideas and possibility...

for now, it's all good. i have missed loving what i do. i'm glad to have it back ;)

happy tuesday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

speaking of snow

i accidentally left the garage door open all of last night. woke up to a big old drift IN the garage. hmmmmm. so, how many hours until springtime?!


Sunday, January 24, 2010


i had to call lou this afternoon. it went something like this....

'hey. i have a question for you. is there a reason why i cannot get off the computer now? i mean everything is just so PRETTY over here.'

she responds very calmly and matter-of-factly.

'oh. that's snow leopard. it's just really good.'

i feel like i should explain that snow leopard is an operating system. and who (except for men with computers in a room in their basement, and no real social life to speak of) even THINKS about operating systems????! well, as of this weekend, I DO. because really, seriously, if you have never been on a computer that operates using SNOW LEOPARD, you have not really lived. that is all i have to say. apple is actually kind of humble about the whole thing, calling snow leopard 'the world's most advanced OS.'

um, yeah. and the OS most likely to glue your eyeballs to a screen because you cannot look away!!!!!!! sheesh.

one other good thing, i got to look for a picture of a real snow leopard for this post, and they are not quite, but ALMOST as good.

i am excited for monday, when all this computer time is actually justified.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

new very very favorite

wow. am i ever excited to have 'curb appeal' back on the air. and 'curb appeal: the block' is even better than the old show, which i LOVED. i really watch every rerun of that show there ever was.

now, we have john gidding as a host. i didn't love him so much when he was doing interiors on 'designed to sell.' but really, i'm not a huge fan of that show anyway. the stuff is kinda too cheap and quick.

but john is bringin' it to the outdoors. it's kinda cool that so far, they are working in and around atlanta, which is apparently where his design studio is located. i LOVE georgia homes and neighborhoods. my beloved south. pretty yards and great charm. and john is kind of cute in a much-too-pretty-to-be-a-boy kind of way.

anyway, check it out if you have not seen it yet!!!

transition complete

well, it was kind of a long day today, but my new macbook pro is up and running. i am not really a computer savvy kind of person, believe it or not ;)

thank goodness Larry my computer man IS. he was so nice to load up my new system between friday pm when we decided my old computer was done for, and this morning. i am still puzzled about a few things. thankfully, i have lou and larry to ask questions, and awhile now to figure things out.

i admit this was the best possible scenario for me to get a new computer. i thought and thought and thought about buying one last fall, but could not bring myself to spend the $$. for some reason, absolute necessity makes things better, i am not feeling buyer's remorse. i am, however, hoping that things keep going this smoothly. maybe for another 5 years or so :)

Friday, January 22, 2010


yeah. that header will probably get me a bunch of unwanted attention :)

seriously, though. have you ever seen a better blossom?!

let's review.

so, yesterday, i mapped out my day for you. and i must say, i was MOSTLY accurate. i was batting 100% until dear sweet computer died again. after an hour.

i must say, that my computer guys ARE truly the best. they are ordering another part on the chance that the one they put in was bad. and they are advising me to get ready for a new system, on the chance that it still needs more attention.

the bad news is that a new system has been estimated to cost about $3500. i love my apple computers, they do last a LONG time with heavy use. but wow. that's a few bucks. so, i'm kind of hoping i can get by for another few months before i must make that kind of purchase. i keep reminding myself that it's really the sole business expense for myself. well, except for the therapy i need for all the mental anguish, but you guys are pretty good at providing that for free :)

so there you have it! i did indeed have a very good day, but i will further refrain from trying to determine the exact course of events that will occur. i think God did a pretty good job of reminding me that those kinds of decisions are reserved for Him.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

happy day

today life is going to go my way. i just know it.... ;)

today i am going to go out in the ice and crappy weather and not get into an accident!

today i am going to have 3 meetings that go extremely well!

today i am going to get my dear sweet 5-year old computer back from the doctor, and it will run like the wind!

today i am going to TRY not to hug erik, the computer fixer guy, because i have done it before, and he seems a little ill at ease with hugging customers.

today is thursday, which is almost friday, which is always good.

so, how's your day gonna be?!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bump in the road

this past week or so has been a lesson in 'life struggles' for me. i think God is showing me something here, or at least maybe i am finally starting to hear what He has been saying for awhile.

the lesson concerns the ups and downs of life, the hardships - big and small - that seem to keep coming. for each person, in each season, they are different. sometimes, it's the same thing over and over. every time, we wish for a happy ending, a resolution.

God is using the story of joseph to show me some things about my own struggles. my main struggle has always been fear, or fear of being 'dropped.' from a very early age, i have felt that somehow, i would not be 'taken care of.' i am not sure where or why it happened. i do remember sitting as a small child, waiting for my father to come home from work, and worried that something would happen to him. my security then (and for a long time after) was in my earthly father. and i was deep down inside, afraid he would not be there for me.

fast forward to these later years, and what has come to be a struggle in a similar way with my Heavenly Father. whenever things get tough, i seem to equate it with a turn of God against me. i start to doubt His love for me, or think that i must NOT be all 'that' in His eyes. every time things take a turn for the worse, i fear complete and total loss...that somehow, God will not catch me.

so, back to joseph. wow, his story would not seem to say anything different, would it? i mean, his brothers tried to kill him, he ended up in jail, his employer's wife tried to have him killed, lots of BAD STUFF did happen! at least, that is how i always thought about it until this week.

God has tenderly showed me a different view of joseph this week. He has reminded me of the dream, of joseph's dream that he would rule over many people, including his brothers. He has shown me of His protection, in EVERY circumstance. He has shown me that He did not allow joseph to lose everything, or in fact anything that he had been promised in the dream. even though it seemed bad, the promise of God was just as true on the worst day, as the best. and God's hand was over joseph the entire time. the blessing was there in the bad circumstances. joseph did not die at the hand of his enemy. he also did not allow his circumstances to change him for the worse. he still forgave and showed love for his brothers. he still got up from one bad thing and carried on, believing that his 'strong God' would help him.

what a blessing this story has been for me. not just for today, when i don't necessarily see the end of the road, because things are still a bit foggy. but for always, because God is for always. He has shown me that bumps in the road are not to be avoided, but also are not the end, and do not change the path that God intends for us.

it doesn't matter what your day holds. you may be sure that things are not good, and wishing that your 'problem' did not exist. or you may be wishing you were somewhere or somebody else. but if you have placed your faith in the hands of your 'strong God,' you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

whew. i hope that means that you will have a very good day...:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a recommendation

i blogged awhile ago about buying this bible. i admit i was not really crazy about it at first - simply because i like a daily bible - which this is - but it numbers the days 1-365, not by calendar day....that's going to be crazy in like day #265. i would rather it say october 19th, ya know?

so i had to get over that.

but i do have to say, i am enjoying the reading of the old testament SO MUCH. i have really loved the old testament for the last couple of years, esp. since i discovered the prophets and how much their experiences look like ours. but reading in the message has brought that even more to life. it's such an easy read. i find myself not thinking so much about each line, but reading more like a fiction story, and thinking about things at the end of a passage - this particular version asks questions - good ones - at the end of each passage.

i guess what i am encouraging, is switching your bible reading up. find a version that interests you, and look up passages in other versions when they really strike your heart. let God get the scriptures down deep into you...look for ways He is connecting the dots in your life. you can only do that if you are in the Word. not as a rote thing to do, like brushing your teeth, but ENGAGED.

the message bible is helping me do that in this season. when/if i get a chance today, i'll tell you about how God is using the story of joseph to give me comfort.

happy day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

jack, i love you.

jack is back on tv as of last night. i seem to love his actor twin, kiefer sutherland, more and more every year. i swear, the only thing i know about the real world, i learn from '24.' probably says a lot about me and my world views :)

i saw on facebook that a million boys i know (and myself) were excited about his return.


e is for elephant

isn't this little guy cute?
christmas present from art girl cassie.
the little bobby pin is from lou.
happy homemadeness!

whew, monday again... i am just figuring out it's a holiday! for some reason, i feel better about monday :)

things are very bright and sparkly over here. i have a website to design, and it will be very fun, once i stick my toe in the water. that is the hard part.

last friday, i took a big step, and started using a new software for my graphic design. i have owned the software for several years, it's called InDesign. all you designers know what a big deal this is. all you non-designers will understand, if i tell you that i have been using my OLD software since 1993, on my first day at Lawrence and Schiller. okay. that is awhile.

at any rate, it's kind of fun to learn a new trick. i had to google a bunch of times to answer questions, and make one call to kristie. otherwise, it was fun and not too hard to figure out. i am vowing to go 'cold turkey' on the old program, which is quite a big's to a week in which i grow a couple brain cells :)

happy mlk day, everyone!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


since karen asked us to go back in our blog archives, i have done a bunch of reading backwards...i do think that the 'journal' aspect of my blog is one of the really good things that have come from it. i guess it's like the diary keeping of my youth, only a LITTLE less private ;)

one thing i found was my recipe for granola. after a trip to the store to stock up on supplies, i made a batch this afternoon. oh! i love it so much, as much for how beatiful it looks as anything.... i think it's a wintertime thing...very much a comfort food.

presents! presents!

if you have a daughter (rani, deann, anne, kirst, jill, anyone i missed :)) you might want to download these cute little freebies and print/cut them out with them. since the instructions are not in english, just pick english from the submenu below each file, then press 'descargar' to download.

kristie and cass, i think we all need a set as well :))

oh ps. i think maybe you can just double click on MY pics and download as well....might be easier! happy paper dolling ;)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

would you?

with all of the news floating around about haiti this week, this story really caught my eye. i saw the link on facebook from my friend pastor steve, who says 'yes - we will.'

i thought about it, and i know of several people who would also say 'yes.' i'm sure one or two of you read this blog. and in spite of my usual walk in self, self, self issues, i believe in my heart of hearts, that i would say 'yes' also.

dear Lord. have your way in haiti.

Friday, January 15, 2010

latest from haiti

this was sweet news to those of us who are praying for haiti. the SD ministry sent this note today:

Good Morning

We just got a text from Kiki, our right hand man in Haiti. It consisted of3 words. "YES, I'M ALIVE" Just may be the 3 sweetest words I hear today!That means all of our missionaries and staff are alive and counted for.

Doesn't seem right that we should be so blessed but I know God will use all of us to help the others walk thru this difficult time.

This is nothing short of a miracle, thanks for your prayers!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

it's a revolution

you know how sometimes you have revolving doors, or revolving boyfriends?

i have revolving chairs. really, i do. revolving $5 chairs. except for this one, which was $7. i bought it because it swivels, and because it's orange and brown tweed. i revolved a very cute pier one rocker OUT, in order to put it here. that rocker always had one rocker thingey that stuck out and i stubbed my toe on it. not the worst thing ever, but perhaps a good reason to revolve...

another good thing is that, unlike the frightening christmas present bed-from-hell, she likes it.


new is in the air

....starting to get excited about a new little 'side venture' that lou and i have been cooking up in our heads for quite some time. will tell you more, if and when it happens :)

yes, virginia

there is a website called ''

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


i don't usually do this kind of thing on the blog, but this kind of thing doesn't usually happen.

if you're like me, your hearts are breaking for haiti. the poorest of the poor in our world are facing devastation from the earthquake yesterday, and many great organizations are asking for donations to help.

one of them is a local SF ministry, which has been sent by God to haiti. today, they issued a call for help, they are trying to raise $12,000 and go to the place where they have their orphanage asap, probably next week sometime. as far as they know, the children are safe - i don't believe they were super near the epicenter of the quake, but not really sure...i think communication is a problem at this time.

if you have a burden to pitch in, here is the website to donate. they have a paypal setup, so it's super simple. and let's all pray together for God to reach out BIG TIME for these beautiful people in need.

I am on the mailing list for the above ministry, and have heard about the lack of news for a couple of days about a dear friend of the SD people, who lives in Port au Prince. Funny how God works - they were comforted today by kind of an unusual email:

Mike and Pam,

I am not sure how I got on your Email list, but I have some information for you. Kiki is an distant relative of mine. He and I have a cousin in common, living in Florida, who has reported that Kiki is safe. I hope this message gives you comfort.

trying new things

is scary. this is siesta's christmas present - a new handmade bed from the no coast craft fair. yesterday was her FIRST day to test the waters, after quite a few weeks.

nope. not going to be able to do it, quite yet.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


peeps, i am kinda digging this winter stuff. does that make me weird? it's like every waking morning provides some meteorological wonder to behold. this morning it was a frosty goodness all over the trees. by this afternoon, we'll be experiencing a 50 degree rise in temps from last week. zowie! that is just nuts.

anywhoo, it's kind of cool. i also think i am benefitting (still) from some time off, and a change in attitude. every day is new! there is hope! this is going to be a fabulous year! there is truth in the little bible verse about dwelling on good things. just saying.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Phillipians 4:8

Monday, January 11, 2010

getta whiffa this

this cute kitten courtesy cute overload. which i spend nearly an hour at a time on, twice a year, whether i need it or not. LOVE love love the cute.


Saturday, January 09, 2010


spending a good day cleaning...i am once again straightening my office, it's the one room in my house i have a hard time keeping organized. probably because it's small, and FULL.

i put up my big bulletin board again, in a different spot. this time, i put some work projects up, because it's been a few years since i displayed any of those. over the christmas break, as i was 'doing nothing' except having my spirit rebuilt, i realized that i have spent the last few months whining and complaining about my job, when in fact it's the best job in the world. with the best clients and the best coworkers and the best hours and the best benefits. i hope to be more grateful this year.

speaking of grateful, i've been meaning to show you the christmas gift i got from kirsten. does she understand me, or what?!!!

kirsten is one of my oldest friends that i keep in touch with regularly. i think it was kind of neat that on christmas day (when i was snowed in at home) i got to open the one gift i had under the tree, which was from her. i love this little hand-crocheted pillow! kirsten is my crochet hero. she takes risks, and combines texture and color in a fearless way. i love her style ;) i also love that she and i trade homemade gifts almost 100% of the time. very meaningful to me. thanks dear!

okay - more cleaning to do! happy day!

Friday, January 08, 2010

friday fuzzies

got these in an email from my friend jane ... figured we all might all benefit from a little of this action. i love how that bird seems to be thinking 'oh, furry!'

:) happy friday bloggrrrls.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


yesterday was kind of a fun work day. i know, i hardly ever talk about work projects. but i don't know, there was something neat about being snowed in, and getting to make a fun graphic for my one 'church' client.

pastor steve is a neat guy. i consider him a friend, even though i am not a member of his church. i do think that God is using him mightily. he is kind of controversial here in town, due to his passion for speaking out against abortion. he is not afraid to say what needs to be said.

anywhoo, he shot me his latest sermon idea, and asked if i would make a graphic for their website. he never gives me any kind of direction (well, sometimes he tell me what he is thinking, in this case he thought maybe a kite stuck in a tree) which is probably one reason i like working with him. this series is called Stuck, and it's about how as Christians we can get stuck in a myriad of things - sin, debt, a certain mindset, emotionally stuck, etc. and how God wants us FREE. i don't know, i just think it's so relevant to many of us!

here's to pastor steve, and snow days, and here's to getting 'unstuck' in twenty-ten!

pop quiz: how many of you have actually done the 'tongue stuck on the monkey bars' trick?! yes, i admit that i have!! very scary, only had to do it once!!


whether i play pretend like yesterday or not, it's kind of hard to deny the weather. it's actually pretty fantastical! i don't remember this much snow in a really long time!

my street has somehow gone to the bottom of the food chain this winter, and is now the very last to be plowed. so it will be 8pm this evening. i have seen some cars skating by, but it looks a little deep for Bert.

i stepped one foot out the door, and it is COLD. is it just me, or is my tree getting shorter?!

the whole menagerie is here this morning as well. they trade shifts with the bunny, who was here last night. these little guys ate through an entire feeder of seed yesterday, but i am going to head out this morning and refill, i'm sure they'll need the energy since tonite it goes back to -20 below. God, please protect them as you say in your Word! (ps. if you click into the photo, notice how fluffy they are...they seem warm enough!)

i can hardly wait for the next sunny day, because there are really magical things all around. the snow is so darn lovely! it is creeping higher and higher, and at my neighbor's house, the icicles are getting to the deadly stage!

sigh. it's kind of hard to believe that in 3 months, it will be spring. right now, it does not even seem possible.