Monday, July 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Kirsten

Happy 39th birthday friend!

Per usual for me, i am late sending a gift. however i did snap this pic, i have gotten into beading again, so i whipped you up a fancy little necklace for your bday! it's going in the mail today!! i also picked a beautiful bouquet of crazy flowers from the back yard, in honor of you :)) i wish i could give you the real thing!!

I hope you have a great day. i was woken up at 6:30 am this morning, there were SIX police cars across the street, and all kinds of activity. i thought it might be a killing or something :)) but it turns out that the pit bull that lives two houses down (i've had to call the animal catcher several times, he barks incessantly during my work day) escaped, and he was holed up and threatening to take hostages...seriously, FINALLY the dog catcher came and got him, i feel bad for poor dogs who have stupid owners. especially when they are pit bulls, and need a little extra lovin' because we are all terrified of them. i hope that poor guy gets a little affection today, and i sort of hope he doesn't come back here as well.

otherwise, it's a monday. all of the projects i put off doing on friday are still miraculously here to do! the graphic design fairy obviously didn't stop by over the weekend either.

anyway, have a great day Kirst, i hope that you bring your 39th year in well!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

In and Out

Beener and I are having the same dilemma lately. When he gets up in the morning, he yowls and yowls until i let him outside, he trots around the house to the porch, and i let him in...after about 1 1/2 minutes, he yowls to be let out (see photo). So, i open the door to let him out...he trots around the house, goes in, and repeat story about 27 times in a day!

it's so hot out, neither of us can stand it out there for too long, but it's no fun in the house either! i am watching with anticipation, the first tomato is slowly turning, better look out tomato sandwich, here i come!

Thankfully i have church this morning, i am looking forward to it after a couple of weeks off because of traveling!

Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let them say among the nations, "The LORD reigns!" 1 Chronicles 16:31

Saturday, July 29, 2006

wildlife on the forty

whew. saturday, and it's a hot one...i went to a "shabby chic" rummage sale this morning with my friend Sher, and then we chatted in her sun porch for a few hours...

i got home and saw that several flowers are wilted and sad. The sun is pouring down today and the temps are going to be near 100 again. With the wind, it's just almost unbearable to be outside! good reason to clean house today i guess!

anyway, i went out back quickly to take a look at the porch i won't be sitting in, and saw this beautiful butterfly/moth! i only got 3 shots before my camera battery went dead, so this isn't great, but it's evidence! he can keep my little baby bunny company. He is so silly, he knows my voice now, and let's me watch him while he eats the weeds on my driveway. as long as he munches those, and keeps away from the good stuff, all is well :)

so, for now the wildlife has the yard to themselves, at least until this evening when it is cooler.

Friday, July 28, 2006

friday on the farm

it's a peaceful day on the backforty...the one little kmart rose i bought when i first moved here appeared dead this spring. since it's in the "junk" garden that hadn't been completed yet, i just left it there to get covered in weeds and clumps of sod. this morning as i was having my coffee, something caught my eye...two brilliant little guys shining thru the weeds...amazing!

the cantaloupes are doing well also, looks like i have seven babies coming along.

all in all, it's pretty overgrown and crazy right now. i do kind of love it :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

prayer walking

i got up early this morning, had decided to go "prayer walk" with my friend kim who lives over near the center of town. at first we just chatted, i had no idea how this worked (i was secretly waiting for kim to start). then we admitted we were nervous, and just started to speak to the Lord like He was just walking along with us.

it all went pretty well, we traded back and forth pretty easily, praying for restoration of homes, and a break to the chain of violence in the area, and for blessing and revival for the people. we prayed for each other too. we were finishing up and decided to go a few more blocks. a little white haired lady was out pulling weeds and asked us if we "wanted a job" - so we stopped to chat.

kim was bold and asked her if she needed prayer for anything..amazingly, she said YES! so we stopped and prayed, arms around the lady and each other. it was easy, i had not done that since Mexico! the lady cried and prayed also!! Thank you Lord for showing up, whenever we get off our butts and reach out for you!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

add a pic!

this isn't exactly a walk in the park.

3 times i've tried this, let's see if this actually works...
woo hoo!

i have photography installed. funny thing, i took this pic this morning as i was making the garden rounds. didn't even SEE the bee til i got back into the house and uploaded the photo. he matches the flower pretty well.

being a hermit

well, i am officially antisocial. i went to a fancy schmancy "womens luncheon" today and blew it several times by saying inappropriate things. i was nervous, even though i had my "dress flipflops" on, and everyone else in the room looked stunning. i see glimpses of another life when i go to these deals, one that i used to live, that did not involve naps, and showering at 2 in the afternoon, and reading blogs all day. not that i am regretful, but sometimes, i remember.

otherwise, the luncheon went well. i cried at the speaker, who was a single young mom, who has conquered alot of obstacles to raise her child (and herself) with success. i am proud of her, and women like her. i am blessed to be able to hear stories like that!

so there.

another day, another dollar, as they say. beener and i are anxiously awaiting 8:30, so we can go watch Matt James, my latest heartthrob. he is on hgtv, he gardens. gotta love a man who gardens. he is also british and quite handsome, that helps :))

oh, i hear his voice in the living room now! for tonite the blog rests.