Tuesday, March 31, 2009


oh - look at the cookie goodness over at elani's in new york.

makes me wanna do the christmas extravaganza all over again! especially since it's supposed to be snowing (again) today. happy tuesday!

Monday, March 30, 2009

monday blahs

i really wish i would actually TAKE pictures when i go away for the weekend. alas, i never do. neither did kristie this weekend, so we have no proof of our time in nebraska.

i did, however, google some stuff we did/saw. better fake than never, right?

we buzzed thru omaha on our way to lincoln. although anthro was fun, i think we actually had more fun at the apple store! ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh. all the pretty macstuff makes us both very happy!

on saturday, the mother of all garage sales turned out to be not as good as we hoped. i think for me, the fact that there were 147 bazillion nebraskans fighting for the stuff was the major reason i did not really enjoy it so much. i did get a couple cute things there. lou spent $3 the whole weekend. i kind of think i don't know her anymore :)

it was also the wieberg family weekend. i got to hang out and get to know her dad better. i got to meet her aunt lisa and the whole family. i got to have dinner with grandpa and sandy, her step grandma. i got to hear the beep when her brother kept leaving text messages. plus, i got the benefit of all the family stories, especially about the family members who are slightly "off" - don't we all have those :) it was SO fun!

we did alot of eating. grandpa bought us all fried chicken at lee's - a lincoln classic. of course i loved the concrete chicken! we also ate at runza, and kristies favorite restaurant lazlo's, which was yummy. i kind of preferred ivanna cone, where i indulged in a dream called white chocolate apricot ice cream. aggggh! i will remember that forever :)

the ice cream shop was in the haymarket of lincoln, a kind of funky downtown spot which i think i would REALLY like in summertime (hint, hint).

and then, we did get some good antiquing in, too. my favorite place was probably nest, which has been featured on apartment therapy! ooooooooh. good stuff. lou and i want to redecorate both of our houses in vintage modern. go figure.

anyway, a great time was had by two. thanks for inviting me into your world, lou!

Friday, March 27, 2009


how did i not know about francesca battistelli? man, i hope this link works, cause you MUST hear her.

ps. i'm usually not a huge fan of girl singers. THIS girl changes my mind considerably :)

friday fave

just keepin' up with the jonesin'
happy weekend you guys!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

another one gone!

ah. dan seals (of england dan and john ford coley team) died today at age 61. another teenage crush, i seriously had quite a few of those...he was a good singer/songwriter, tho :)

gettin' a little

so, tomorrow starts a fun 3-day weekend for kristie lou and i.

we are going to some kind of huge garage sale in lincoln, ne.

but more importantly to me, we are going to lose our anthropologie virginity!! woo hoo! there is a store in omaha, ne, and we are going to stop there on the way.

i have thought and dreamed about what a real live anthro store must be like! heavenly, i expect, except that heaven will likely not cost as much :)

however, a feast for the eyes to be sure. do you think it will be weird to bring a camera and take pics, like it's a museum or something?

do you think i'm nuts?
k. don't answer that :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

18 for 18

well, after the last couple days of fruitfulness, the first baby tomatoes i planted are ALL up. no peppers yet (i've heard they are kind of harder to grow) and 2 of 6 broccoli.

i am a bit worried about tomatoes, because so far i think i have about 75 plants planted. 6 or 7 different varieties. um, that's a ton. i guess one of the first rules of gardening is: God did not make seeds to NOT grow. point taken.

Monday, March 23, 2009

nu du

oh, it's a happy day when the 70s hippie hair goes away!

it's kind of tricky to take good pics of your head. which is probably a good thing! ha.

anyway, it's a little less chicken-roosty than it was earlier in the day. i guess i would classify it as the "if keith urban were chubby and a girl" look.

that's good, right?

who needs veggies?

when you can have THESE.
yum :)

weather or not?

lately, i get very excited about the weather. i still do not watch the nightly news just to see it, as my parents do, but it is definitely moving up a notch in importance.

whatever can this MEAN?!


Sunday, March 22, 2009


what a wonderful weekend! it was almost 70 degrees yesterday...this is south DAKOTA people, what is up with THAT?! anyway, great time for much-needed yardwork.

then, when i finally came back in the house, i got a nice surprise...

this is the 1-week old makeshift greenhouse. certainly not much to get excited about.

oh. and the chart. made by mr. chartmaker. who apparently has more faith than i, because i was pretty sure it was all for naught.

but whattyaknow! a certain brandywine tomato is going to give life a try!

what to do next?

hmmmm. not sure really....:) but of course i'll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

i'll have the peace, with a side of self-control, please...

too bad i waited til this late in the day to read my "verse of the day..."
better late than never, though.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

Galatians 5:22-23

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hair looms

several friends (you know who you are) always tease me about being a "marketer's dream" because i ALWAYS fall for every crazy thing that comes along. you'd think that being in advertising and all, i would be jaded and filled with unbelief, but...no.

so this year, if it says "organic" or "heirloom" - i'm all over it. take the tomatoes. i want tomatoes like grandma used to have. no. i want tomatoes BETTER than grandma. in fact, i'd like to kick her butt, and then some :)

so of COURSE i got excited about heirloom tomato seeds. they come in all kinds of fun flavors, like "black krim" and "bloody butcher." i should note that i have never started tomatoes from seed, except for the volunteers that came up in the garden last year. so i have no idea what i am doing...but OH for the possibility. look out, grandma :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

breakfast of champions

perfect start to the day, big cuppa joe and a freshly opened box of girl scout cookies (lemon chalet cremes, if it matters to you).

thanks, miss c!

Monday, March 16, 2009

spiral dreams

it seems like EVERY single weekend, i come up with some crazy thought about how to redo my house. arrrrrrrrrgggh! the thing is, i just cannot help it. always want to make things BETTER.

so anyway, i do have a cute little attic space, that would be really fun to redo sometime, because it could turn my 2 bdr house into a 3 bdr house, and give me lots of fun space for a master bedroom (you guys have seen my tiny postage stamp bdr).

problem is, the staircase going up there is STEEP, i have actually fallen straight down them, and have scars to show for it. thusly, i never even go up there, except to vent the windows in the summer.

so i got to thinking about a spiral staircase again. i have thought of one before, but could never fix on a good spot to put one, that would not look silly. i hate when people tack on stuff in their houses for function, without regard for the space. my house DOES have alot of iron work on the outside, though, and of course curvy lines.

anyway, long story short, i think i am going to think about putting one in the kitchen! yes, it's a bit weird, but really, i have more non-functional space in there than anywhere else...oh ps. i cannot do this until i have my car paid off, probably a year from now. so in the not-too-far distance.


Saturday, March 14, 2009


don't you kind of hate that word? not like any of the alternatives are better. tan or TAUPE are not exactly lovely words, either.

yesterday, beige was the theme of the day, even though the sun was shining. actually, beige is a designer girl's friend (just ask Lou, although she calls it brown). we need all the neutrals we can get, to balance out all that crazy color we are using all the time.

however, beige in food just doesn't quite cut it. so when i was thinking of making a chicken alfredo pizza, i knew i might be in for trouble.

first there is the crust. which is not exactly colorful. but my foray into making wheat crusts was not good. i like this recipe, and it makes a very pale beige crust.

then, there is the sauteed chicken. i liked the caramel-like coating once i fried it in some garlic and olive oil. still. kinda beige.

finally, i got the bright idea that i should add some spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. oh, and a mixture of cheeses because mozzarella is just so ... beige. (notice my part of the pizza, vs. my guest who LIKES beige food). the pizza was actually quite delish despite the lack of color.

somehow, i was not surprised at my routine friday thrift stop, to find only beige things. i LOVE the tannish corn holders! not like the usual green/yellow ones you find! and a cute beige patterned clipboard!

i guess beige is not so bad. however, today i am jonesing for a little. more. color. happy weekend!

Friday, March 13, 2009

for karen: what NOT to do

per your hair question: i would NOT wait 6 months to get a haircut, thereby rendering yourself too embarassed to face Tammi your hairstylist, and therefore rendering yourself with 1970s rocker-style dan fogelhair far into the unforeseen future.

nope. would NOT suggest that :)

the b word

this week has been insane. by that, i mean my head is in over-drive. stuck on high gear, and roaring to get my attention.

i hate busy. i am not sure God ever meant for us to be doing so darn much. at the very least, He did mention that we need to have a sabbath day once a week. but i am finding that the pace of life makes me want a sabbath YEAR, or at least a month. it's funny how quickly i get overwhelmed. last night i woke up at 2am. pannicked when a client had a request for a new direction in his campaign. emailed a certain writer, who was ALSO awake and ended up writing a new campaign in the middle of the night!

is it just me, or is something wrong with this picture? i think i need to take out my notebook, make a list to keep me organized, and practice my "no" skills when necessary, without regard for the bad economy or if people will hate me or not.

i think i will start my anti-busy ban some time today, because i really really need a nap.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

dan fan

so, tonite i am surfing around the internet with no particular goal in mind, and i run across the news that dan fogelberg died, actually in december of 2007.

i'm not sure HOW i missed that, but it makes me sad. he was one of my MAJOR crushes growing up, i am pretty sure i wore out my copy of "souvenirs" and can remember the nights laying in my room, just listening to his beautiful voice, as if they were not so long ago. i think i may have to download it from itunes, and pay my tribute to "the leader of the band."

oh ps. what led me to think of him was his song "part of the plan" - it reminds me of the Lord, and makes me pretty sure he was a Christian...okay, i guess i just hope he was :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


okay, it is a little fun to see what famous people are on twitter.

i was pleased to find "I am diddy". here's a tweet from him that i think is kinda sweet:

May god bless your day!!! Imma lay down for a couple Leave me a positive message to wake up to. Love yall!!

deep fried diet

you all know i'm all for "home made" whenever one can. which should be all of the time, but some days, it's just hard to think ahead enough to cook ahead.

yesterday was such a day for me. luckily, i bought a package of bear creek tortilla soup mix at the grocery store last weekend. again, i don't advocate eating soup from a bag much, but hey, it's not exactly the mcdonalds drive thru, either.

i've made this before, and it's pretty good. to jazz it up, i sauteed a chicken breast (diced) with a bit of onion, green pepper and olive oil.

but the KILLER addition is the tortilla strips (directions on the back of the box). the only bad thing is that i ate so many i got a tummy ache! seriously!

all you do is cut up some corn tortillas into strips, then heat some canola oil up on the stove and "deep fry" them - they fry fast, in about 30 seconds. i was not thrilled to glug glug glug pour all that oil into a frying pan. but to be honest, only a few tablespoons were gone when it was all over. a light dusting of salt, and oh my.

natch, i was too excited to eat the soup, and forgot to take a pic. trust me, it looked good :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


so, for the most part, i have decided i hate twitter. but i do still keep an eye on things, should i decide to change my mind.

yesterday, i started following God and Martha Stewart. i'm not sure who that says more about, me or twitter itself :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

monday greys

thanks to all of your tips about making bread dough, i think i am going to be fine without my trusty bread machine. the dough hook on my kitchenaid works fine, without a ton of mess.

however, i wish somebody would tell me how to make a great, light loaf of whole wheat bread. this loaf LOOKED good, but was kind of heavy and grainy. and i also made whole wheat pizza dough this weekend, it was just kind of ... wrong.

i guess i am a white bread girl!

having a hard time getting motivated today.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

3rd times a charm

i don't even really think a girl deserves to see their favorite band as many times as i've seen third day in a little over a year! but last night in spencer, ia, i had the BEST time yet! thanks in part to the guys themselves, but mostly to my lovely traveling companions - kristie lou (concert mate) and my beautiful long lost cousin emily. seriously. found out that we ARE related on the late night journey home last night. emily is going to marry brandon heath (we have all decided), so there is much planning to do.

i loved every second, and find myself thinking about next time. already.

Friday, March 06, 2009

reminder from God

i have been enjoying Carey's stories about how God is speaking to her in a rather regular, amazing pattern of late. i think in all of my life experiences, to know that God Himself TALKS to us is the most intriguing and awesome thing i've ever discovered.

He does, you know. quite regularly in fact.

yesterday, i had my own little God chat, one that i really needed. i was having a bit of a rough day, worry started and i didn't know exactly how to stop it. i have figured out the best thing to do in situations like this is just to ASK God to say something to you. to help. to come in.

so, i did that. i just prayed for a sec, and decided to open my bible for my daily reading, which i had not done yet. i read through the old Testament, which was an interesting bit about the tribes of Israel, but i did not see anything specifically for me. i jumped to the new Testament, and as i came to Mark 12:30, my heart kind of skipped. i started to underline the verse...

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

at the very moment i was underlining, the "ding" of my email sounded. blasted crappy email! it was from God TV, which always annoys me because their emails don't pop up on the TOP of the page, but buried somewhere in the middle. so, i found the email, clicked on it, and saw a post from mike bickel, a pastor at IHOP in kansas city that i like. something about a new conference coming up. curiosity got me, and i clicked further. there was a video, and as i clicked "play" mike was saying these words:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

ahhhh. a God moment. clearly, and obviously, and TRULY. He has a plan for me, and wants me to learn to walk the path He has chosen. It begins with Him, and loving Him first and best. that is ALL i need to know.

the rest of the day went well. nothing shatteringly good, but peaceful and fine. and last night, as i lay down in bed to read a christian "self help" book i have been digging into, the words OF COURSE that popped off the page i was at were:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

God, You are SO GOOD. i do love You.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

guess what

IS a must-have, starting really soon?

okay then! i have no patience.

the ad for this says "roll your own." hmmmm. anyway, you see of course that this is a maple "pot maker." the idea is that it somehow rolls and tucks plain ole newspaper into really cute little peat pots! i did some google research, and apparently they are "all that." one thing that really bugs me is that i am trying to be resourceful by growing my own veggies, and then i spend a ton of $$ on the sexy stuff you need to grow them! i thought this was a good way to try to avoid buying containers for the seedlings. i also have saved a winter's worth of egg cartons, to get things going. then i would transfer to these, which can be planted directly in the soil.

gosh. i don't even know who i am anymore, but i kind of like me.


11 hrs 14 min

baby blue mint condition smith-corona.

should i, should i, should i????!


look! it would be a "lifetime partner."


Finale decision: NOPE.
it went for nearly $100 when all was said and done. i will wait for the thrifty $10 find and concentrate on "needs" for awhile.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

moose spotting

you know how every once in awhile you get those big silly emails that are just meaningless, and somebody has you on a list, and you wish they would just take you off, because WHY do they think you would care to spend your time on their cyber drivel?

well, this is one of those posts. this morning, my email almost wouldn't LOAD because of this. and here i am, passing it on to you, because these pics are just SO DARN COOL.

so nevermind. keep sending your chain emails. i have hope that they all will be as impressive as this one :)

"hey look guys! i'm in my camo outfit!"

sweet, huh? i love that there are TWO of them!! ah. i want to touch a moose on the nose. someday, maybe :)