Monday, December 16, 2013

more winter.

do you sense a theme here?!

:) happy week-before-the-week!


Monday, December 09, 2013

Learning to love again.

Woke up on this snowy Monday to another -9 degree day. The past week has kind of been full of those!

It's always a shock when winter is really, truly here. This year, I feel like it came a little earlier...the real stuff, I mean. I was walking outdoors a few times a week, then BAM. couch potatoness hit hard.

So yesterday, Lou and I went out in the single digits. My motivation for these outings (and hers) is generally that we also get to take pictures. I'm sure that makes us some kind of fitness rejects, because we stop often and behold. But whatever the reason, I feel 'healthier' after being out in the quiet and beauty and presence of God.

It's good :)

Hope you all are surviving in your own favorite ways!