Monday, November 18, 2013


what a wonderful fall it's been. yesterday, lou and i went for a walk in the woods at good earth state park. it's very peaceful there in autumn, and the clouds were just so beautiful. we were talking about how we make good travel companions, because we both like to stop a lot and take pictures. we also edit the photos almost right away when we get home, to see what we saw :) i guess that is the mark of a visual person. it's hard to know where to put things on the internet, though, because facebook friends generally don't care about your pretty photos, and you don't want to bomb your instagram friends with all kinds of stuff at once.

so, here you go, blog friends. a visual journey of my walk yesterday :) ha.

and of course, the obligatory pet shot...helping me to assemble my ikea storage boxes by testing them out from the inside :)

happy monday!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Seasonally challenged

Hi peeps!

Every day I wake up and think about blogging, and then my mind goes blank. I am not sure why, but it probably has something to do with my job. Helping others 'manage' their social media and online things has taken it's toll on my own poor sad little blog. BUT, I'm thankful for the years it's been here, mostly for you guys, but also that I've had the chance to practice my 'voice' for online. It has helped my job somewhat.

This has been a lovely fall, but sometimes I cannot believe it's fall. where did the time go? how did I become a 50 year old? when will it stop??????? ha ha. actually, not ready for it to stop.

I am determined to have a restfull holiday season. The crazy is already starting, and I find myself looking at the calendar scheduling into december. But for the most part, things are good and manageable. I am excited for putting up the christmas tree. I'm not even too sad about the forecast for snow today, although I did not get any leaves raked yet. I hope that is okay? Hmmmm. Maybe the leaves will just kind of dissolve :)

I still have been doing projects around the house. THIS winter, I vow to get all of the trim in this house painted. I have a photo shoot coming up in February, so there is a target goal to reach. I would have to seriously question buying a home where every single surface needs to be repainted again. Painting walls is so easy, but woodwork is a whole 'nuther level. I'd rather be doing something else, I guess :) It IS looking good.

i hope things are going well in your world, blog friends. I hope to see you a few more times before 2013 ends!