Wednesday, August 27, 2008

we're off

so, i'm off to the nebraska state fair in lincoln today with two of my best buddies.

hopefully, this guy will be happy that we came all that way. i'm expecting eye contact! ha.

also, i secretly long to see a couple of fancy chickens, and maybe a gourmet bunny, and to have some fried cheese curds on a stick. or something like that :)

happy wednesday, y'all!

Monday, August 25, 2008

powerful stuff

yesterday at church i saw the most awesome video. the pastor in the video is louie giglio. his sermon was called "how great is our God" and for the most part uses science to illustrate the enormous, gigantic, megabig nature of God, the kind of "big thinker" He is. the kicker for me was the bit about this stuff called laminin (a cell adhesion protein molecule), which he described as the "rebar" of the human body, the stuff that holds our bodies together.

i know this little snippet is kinda long. but if you have a few moments, it might be worth it to you to watch. God is amazing. AMAZING.


thanks everyone, for the awesome birthday wishes. i had a weekend full of surprises, laughter, and peace. i highly recommend 46 to everyone so far!

a few of the highlights...

smelling fall air. it's back, and it is wonderful.
thrifting with the girls.
sharing a big plate of chocolate love (shown).
watching mad men until my eyes fell off.
spending a whole day with my sweetie (thanks boss, for giving him the day off!).
drying roma tomatoes and peppers in the dehydrator.
placing (finally!) my order for all new windows for mabel.
learning to crochet a rag rug.
napping. guys are the best. thanks so much for being my friends :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

4 + 6 = good

wow. i never thought about being 46 before. i guess i'd better, since tomorrow is the day. you know how when you are younger and you kind of just deceive yourself into thinking the next decade will never even happen to you? i'm starting to deceive myself with half decades now. so "late forties" is a weird term that somehow should not apply to the young hip girl i still think of myself as on the inside.

anyway, it's not so bad. some things are WAAAY better. like not worrying about how you look so much (although the 27 pounds that the doc told me i gained this last year is certainly not something to turn my back at!). and of course, i have the Lord now. which makes even the crummy stuff easier. really, His yoke IS light, i can attest to that. if i would just remember it all the time, i'd probably have a few less wrinkles.

as a birthday gift to all of you wonderful bloggirls out there (and dave :)), here's a recipe i tried last night. if somebody will tell me how to make home made alfredo sauce, it might be even better, but i swear i thought i was at an italian restaurant in my own home.

oh ps. i usually suck at pasta dishes.
happy birthday to me!

Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo and Chicken

2-3 chicken breasts (mine were still frozen)

Place in crock pot and pour over the following:

1 jar Classico Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo Sauce
a couple of splashes of good white wine
lots of dried basil from the garden
several sun dried tomatoes in olive oil (mine were just-harvested, thus the reason for the recipe)

cook on high for about 1-1/2 hours; then low to finish (about 3-4 hours).

serve with whole wheat pasta, the best baguette you can find to sop up the sauce, and however much leftover wine the situation calls for.


Friday, August 22, 2008

one more

another movie to add to your queue. not quite as good as 'smart people,' but still quite good. you are not gonna believe that this is the john cusack we all know and love.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


so, karen recommended this book awhile back.

i have this "thing" for ordering used books from amazon, it started when i started buying all those tv series dvd collections. they're expensive, and you can usually get them for about half off when you order them used.

so, i thought, why not try used books? the thing is, the information on the used section of amazon is pitiful. the only description you get is a statement of condition, ie "like new" or "very good" or "acceptable." i've never bought anything other than like new or acceptable stuff. so, imagine my surprise when i got a REALLY COOL 1st edition version of Rebecca! acceptable is right, i tell ya!

it's my very favorite apple green on the outside. it does smell a bit musty, but hey, it came from a clinton, TN library, and had not been checked out since 1977.

looks like i have some pretty nice evening/weekend plans for the next however many days!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

not so smart people

in an unbelievable stroke of luck at the video store last night, i got to pick a movie that i actually wanted to see. no action adventure, no diabolical killers or subversive governments, no super heros in fantastic costumes. nope, just people. smart people.

i was so pleasantly surprised. i really, really like thomas hayden church. he has the kind of face that just makes me laugh. but really, the whole cast was ... cast well. even sarah jessica parker, she was most definitely NOT carrie from sitc...which is good, because i hate that show.

nope, this movie was different than that stuff. phillip and i both laughed in various parts. it was subtle, and it was pretty true to life. most smart people are really really dumb at some stuff (from what i've heard), and these particular smart people were really likeable.

thumbs up, my friends.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

rambling on

garden on may 22nd

garden on august 19th

just like karen over at white walls forever, i'm struggling lately with what to write. late summer is definitely in the air, i smell fall now when i get up and go out to the back forty.

the late summer garden is a mixture of things. mostly it's overgrown and out of control, but still quite beautiful in places. i've been working to get rid of some of the weeds and dead stuff, and hopefully to prepare for digging up the last remaining lawn so that next spring i will have more room. always looking forward. one of my favorite things about gardening.

my spirits match the season. somewhat restless, ready for the new. but also a little melancholoy and hanging on to what was...not ready to let go of the last days of summer. it's a peaceful time when i just relax and let it be. here's to a joyous august day to you, wherever your garden grows.

Friday, August 15, 2008

one more

okay, i can't stand it, heavy move of God over here today. this song has great meaning for me because of the scripture from Isaiah...Isaiah 6:6-7

very powerful.

listen to it.

oh. the video is kind of weird.

reign in me

i love how the Lord gives His gifts. today i have been rumminating...about all of the stuff going on in my life, about the Lord and about how He is everywhere, and about how much i long for a moment, just a moment, WITH Him.

i thought of this worship song...and downloaded it and am singing it LOUDLY. both outwardly and inwardly!

the video is cheesy, the song is not.

mad men

just when you are started to get worried about me because i watch too much tv, here i am talking about tv again. seriously, i don't watch THAT much. considering i'm home all day, it could be alot worse :)


anyway, i just ordered a tv series for ME, not for us. it's called Mad Men, and i just got a bit enamored with the promos. apparently, it's about an advertising agency in the 1960s. not sure what i like about the concept most, but i am imagining it's the 1960s part!

forget the men. LOOK at the kind of clothes the women wear!!! arrrrrrrrrrgggh. cannot stand how much i love these dresses.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i heart the ups man

...cause he just brought me this.

oh. be. still. my. heart.
another season of the cutest boy in the world.

Monday, August 11, 2008

thanks rani

rani knew JUST how to make my day when she invited me out to her house for a good ole fashion canning day next weekend!

i am so excited. i really want to share this experience with other women!

we'll make some salsa, of course :)

one thing i have a TON of is hot peppers. some of them look weird, and i'm not sure what they are. but i BET they are hot :)

so excited. thanks rani for thinking of a great way to cheer me up. i hope some others of you out there can join us!

in other news, every time i go in the back yard, i get dive-bombed by bees. there must be something SWEET and powerful drawing them back there right now!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

my portion

well, i finally got around to canning the first tomatoes of the season this morning. i got the crazy idea that i could take my wonderful, yummy tomato basil soup recipe, and prepare it all except for adding the cream at the end. so really, i made instant soup :) i hope it works, and salmonella or something does not grow in the rest of the ingredients. time will tell, i guess.

anyway, i was thinking about how disappointed i am that i only got 3 quarts of tomatoes. in my head, i was going to get a BONANZA of canning done this year! i had visions of sauce and paste and more sauce and salsa and more. i had visions of a huge beautiful pantry with lines of pretty jars. i had visions for lots more than this. i really thought it would happen, because i planted, and planted, and weeded and watered and did everything the way i thought i was supposed to. it started out well enough, and there were lots of fruits on the plants. then, midsummer they almost all developed a blight of some kind, and all of the growth stopped. most of the plants are deadish now, even though actually, there are still quite a few tomatoes on the vine waiting to ripen. i will probably get quite a bit more canning done, it's just that i'm really not sure yet what those half-dead plants will yield.

i guess that i do this kind of thing alot. i plan and plan and put a vision in my head of how things will be. when things don't end up looking that way (and they almost never do), i feel sad. alot of times, i just give up and assume the worst. and most of the time, i miss out on the enjoyment of the "smaller portion" that i do have. i know God wants me to learn this lesson. i know that whatever i end up with will be enough. because He provides. and He knows what i need.

anyway, today i just may open up one of those precious jars of soup and eat it RIGHT AWAY. no planning or saving for later. just enjoying what God has given me on this day. hope that you can do the same, whatever He has given you for today...

oh. and ps, if you are thinking that this post is probably not about tomatoes, you are correct :)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

book club

i read this book last week, just finished it last night. i bought it because somebody said it was good, and because the cover is pretty.

i cannot say it was wonderful to me, there were lots of weird loose ends. it was hard to read as an animal lover, but at the same time, that is what kept me going with it. i did enjoy the imagery of the early circus. not sure if it's at ALL accurate, but it was worth reading just to take a peak.

oh. and the ending was good. there, that is my book review. do with it what you will...:)

Friday, August 08, 2008

pop of color

just when i decided to go on a money diet for august, in an attempt to save some $$ for once, all of the cool fabric rock stars have new lines in the stores. and with names like "farmer's market" and "garden party" and "pop garden" - um, i think they might have been looking to ME for inspiration :)

ah. anyway, i don't really need to buy at this point, i still have alot of fabric on my shelves. must sew some of it up first. but let's just all take a minute and LOOK at the beautiousness today, shall we?!

Thursday, August 07, 2008


i am really having a hard time with the garden this year. it just looks dreadful right now. there are TONS of weeds, and outta control vegetation. half of it is dead, the zucchini and spinach and overgrown lettuce all need to be pulled out.

even the tomatoes are disappointing. oh, and the cucumbers, which have completely quit yielding. i'm sad that i did not get to make even ONE dill pickle.

and the melons. last year, they were fabulous! this spring, they were pitiful. i think maybe it was just to cold for them. some even died early on, and i had to replant. by now, the vines are quite vigorous, but try as i may, i could not see ONE fruit. not one.

last night i was out, and much to my surprise, right at the edge of the bed, i saw a tiny SOMETHING sticking out. one cute little melon.

then another.

then another.

then a HUGEish one in the back!

and once again, much to my surprise, things aren't as bad as they seem. looks like the garden may hold some hidden treasures yet. i wish i saw things that weren't there more often. i wish i had KNOWN in my head that they would be there, even though i could not yet see them.

i'm going to ask God to help me out with that :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

pray tell

can anybody tell me WHY i love these so much?! i mean seriously, they have, like, 2 bites of faux food in them. and a large plastic container. and yet, they. are. so. yummy. especially when eaten once every three or four years, as i am wont to do.

am i the only one?!


woke up to a nice quiet rain today.

for some reason, i needed that.

i think the heat and sun are wonderful, but my mind needs a break from them. so today, i'll sit inside with my coffee cup and look out the window.

oh. and i'll look at my new tent. i got it yesterday at target!

i bought it even though phillip does not seem thrilled with the prospect of camping. i told him i'd put it up all by myself. he rolled his eyes. so, wish me luck with that should i ever have the opportunity to attempt it.

oh. and yes, i bought it because the lime green color is so wonderful, and will contrast doubly WONDERFULLY with bert (car). got a problem with that?!


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

august garden

by this time of year, the garden is usually out of my control. the weeds sometimes outgrow the plants, and the "jungle" feeling is in full force. most of my annuals are dead or dying, probably due to lack of attention. i TRY, but i always lose it by now. too hot, and too much work. still, the perennials keep things interesting. lots of colors, mostly clashing...

this tiger lily sits by my reading chair. sits ON my reading chair, really.

objects are larger than they appear in pix ;)

first time for hollyhocks, i bought two this spring. reminds me of farming. very old school.

my favorite lilies.

i like to call it "the tomato chair," for the obvious reasons.

and the fruits of the labor. nothing better to brighten the house up.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

free pass

one whole day, no commitments.

what to do, what to do? i think the kitchen is calling me to spend the day, playing with vegetables, dreaming up a menu for the week, maybe making some bread.

and a nap and some reading time thrown in for good measure.

what will you do with your free pass?