Wednesday, November 09, 2011

thankful 9.

today i am thankful for serendipity, defined as:

the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.

which leads to my 'happy accident' from yesterday, as it were.

i now live on a tree-lined street. one of the desires of my heart.

except for when leaves abound, and you are moving and don't have time to deal. and ESPECIALLY when you have a fastidious neighbor who carefully bags HIS leaves in a very, very straight line dividing your property, making your neglect all the more noticeable.

especially when, a couple of weeks later, the wind takes note of the fastidiousness, and decides to blow leaves all over HIS yard, making yours look somewhat tidy in comparison.

and especially all the more when, in a stroke of serendipitous timing, a little man with a mower, blower and bagger comes along and parks on your street, clearing the masses of leaves from the yards of your elderly neighbors.

and when you ask ever so desperately, he tells you he will also remove YOUR leaves for the bargain basement price of $25.

leaving you with another razor-straight property line demarcation, THIS time to your advantage.... :)

ha. until the wind blows, i am sure. happy wednesday!

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