Monday, November 21, 2011

thankful 21.

i woke up today thinking about next week. isn't that always the way? i hope to really, really enjoy THIS week, but next week i am going on a roadtrip with my favorite art girls.

it's really good for us to do this. we kind of do it 'crazy' style, in that we drive to minnesota, get our visual fill (and usually do some shopping, too) and then drive back in a quick 24-hour frenzy. it saves money and time, but we really have HOURS of non-stop artgirl-time because of the driving. sigh.

this time around, we'll go to 'no coast crafterama' - which is in midtown at the global market. kirst and i used to wander around the global market back in the day. it's good there. the show involves sort of hippie crafters showing their wares, nothing like the country blue crowd that we usually get here in the dakotas. lots of interesting ideas, along with the feeling that i am not so odd come from trips to places like this :)


anyway. lot's to do in the in-between times. but yowza, i am thankful for both of you, lou and cass! and especially excited to bring a new little crafter girl with us this time, as fiona goes on her first artgirl trip with us :)

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