Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thankful 23.

i didn't know what i was going to post about today. i know i'm thankful that yesterday is over, and our 12-hour workday was successful. for the record, both anne and i 'hit the wall' at the same time, about 10 hours in...

it's harder than i thought to write a month of thankfuls without restating the obvious. since it's the day before thanksgiving, i also feel the need to be profound, which always gets me into trouble.

so, i just went into the kitchen looking for breakfast, found and cut into this beautiful grapefruit, which released the most marvelous smell and *squirt* of juice at the same time, and i looked at it, really looked at it.

there it is. i'm thankful for small delights. some days, well MOST days, it does not take something huge to have a grateful day. as i sit here with my pretty (and tasty) pink grapefruit, a cup of coffee, and a whole day of restfulness ahead of me, i am very thankful.

happy day!

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cherk said...

I agree, sometimes the little things are the most profound!