Monday, November 28, 2011

thankful 27.

i woke up this morning thinking.

that's not at all unusual, my brain just does not really ever NOT think.

some of the time it's spent worrying.
or repeating something in my head that has happened.
or making my to-do list and actually visualizing it being acheived.
or praying for something or somebody that needs praying for...sometimes, me.

most of the time, my mind is occupied with ideas.

here is the definition of 'idea':

Something, such as a thought or conception, that potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity.

i love ideas. ever since i was little, they have been my very, very favorite thing.

yesterday, i had ideas about:

1 john - the book that pastor is teaching about right now - and how careful God was to pack so much meaning into the bible, even more than we can ever discover in a lifetime, if it was our full-time, 24-7 job. i'm thankful He came up with that idea.

homemade spaghetti - that was a quick idea, more of a notion really, and i followed thru and had some for dinner last night.

christmas crafts - oh, emily henderson, you RUIN me! your christmas tv special (which made me want to live in every single house you ever design, truly) made me want to make about sixty new things. and made me want you and orlando to come over for a craft party, because seriously, we would be friends, i am sure of it!!! :) ideas for everybody! yes!

painting a wall at church - well, that idea is one i had with anne a couple of weeks ago. i actually executed it on 'buy nothing' day, which was quite satisfying. yesterday i painted that little wall by the water fountain to match, too, but i forgot to take a pic.

then, in the afternoon i went idea hunting for the kitchen remake that i am going to be starting soon. i got some tile to look at, and help me imagine. i ordered some counter samples from the internet. i talked to the lowes kitchen guy and got some more ideas. heck, he even gave me an IDEA book! how awesome is that! i think i have more thinking about it to do, but the ideas make me happy.

then today, i have a new project that i need to cook up some ideas for. i really should be doing that right now :)

happy day! may your ideas never run out!


carey said...

i didn't even know friday was spend nothing day...i took the boys to the muppets but did not buy one actual thing on Black Friday. i love a good boycott.

bobbione8y said...

good job, my friend.

buy nothing day has only been around since 1997, so you still have a couple of years to pick up on it while it's trendy ;0

har har.