Friday, November 25, 2011

thankful 24. and 25.

ah, it was nice to be 'homeward bound' for the holiday. especially when the sky and landscape were as pretty as that one above. what a glorious day! i was thinking about how many years i have made the trek over the hilltops and through the woods to 'home' - my parents' house. now that they are older, i realize how quickly the time has passed, and how precious each passing year seems.

we (my mom, dad and i) sat in the gazebo - outside!! - yesterday, and watched the world go by. it was fabulous to be there so late in the season. we also got a glimpse of a real, live, ACTUAL turkey passing through the yard! i was amazed, but my folks said that 3 wild turkeys have taken up residence of late. i didn't take this photo, but the guy i saw looked exactly like a real turkey :)) ha. very cool.

and then i came home to a freshly decorated tree. in fact i decorated a couple last night as has become my tradition. i love the glow of Light at night. i have a very grateful heart today, wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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