Friday, November 11, 2011

thankful 11.

whenever i think about veteran's day, i always ALWAYS think of my uncle gail, who served in the navy. although i have other relatives who served, he is the one that i think of as most exemplifying the spirit of the military. he was a wonderful, wonderful man who always had a huge smile and a hug for me, and who never was shy to tell me he loved me, a rarity in my family.

he died about 6 years ago, and my aunt elizabeth almost 2 years ago to this very day. there are some people in heaven that i can hardly WAIT to see, and these 2 are pretty much at the top of the list.

i am thankful for loved ones, aren't you?
happy friday, and happy veteran's day!

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Rani said...

Thank you Uncle Gail! My father's family was in every branch of the military. My dad served in Viet Nam in the army while his brothers were in the Air Force, Marines and Navy. Though none of them are with us today, I am very thankful for their service.