Tuesday, November 15, 2011

thankful 15.

schwew. i'm kind of late posting, but that is because today i am thankful for TODAY. today i lived in the present moment, doing something i truly enjoy with someone i truly enjoy. and mostly, i am thankful that i got to call it 'work.'

i wonder how many hours i have spent at the computer in my life? many of them have been truly enjoyable, but lots of them have simply been 'making the doughnuts' when i would have preferred to make something with my hands.

my friend anne has glorious hands to make things with. and a creative spirit to match.

that's why i enlisted her to make christmas decorations for a client here in town....and that is what we did today. actually, we made ONE pot out of several we'll need to finish before black friday.

we enjoyed ourselves. and we WORKED. our labor produced the kind of thing you cannot make on the computer, and i guess we both found that immensely satisfying.

thank you God, for today's work. i ask that you bless us with more chances to work at something that we love, to create and build and then to reflect and enjoy our creation...

amen :)


cherk said...

I so want you to come decorate for me!

carey said...

i cannot stop looking at this. you guys are amazing. i know what this whole project is going to involve, and i know you won't get out of it what you deserve monetarily...but hopefully you gain something even more valuable. you should be so proud of a skill like this...it's crazy beautiful. can't wait to show the client!!

anne said...

Eeeeeeeeee! I just saw the post! Ha! Great! And thanks!

overcaffeinatedkatie said...

So beautiful - hooray for clients who let us do our best work! (even more hoorays for the ones who actually pay for it by the hour)