Wednesday, November 30, 2011

thankful 30.

day 30! wow, that went fast. i have more than a few 'thankfuls' that i never even got to.

however, last night as i was at a friends' house for a christmas gig, i was reminded of how much i love to laugh. i am the kind of laugher - is that a word? - that cannot control herself, and sometimes laughs waaaaaay too loud at the wrong time. still. it feels so good.

sometimes, i actually laugh to myself when i am sitting here at the computer. siesta knows i do this. now you do, too ;)

that's what i did when i saw this picture above, from jim lepage's facebook album called 'funny religious stuff.' is it just me, or do those girls totally look like boys dressed up as girls??? and for some reason, the title just KILLS me. ha ha ha ha ha.

wow. just. wow. hope you have at least a few laughs today. maybe even a guffaw or a titter :)


Rani said...

I want her glasses, no really I do!

carey said...

how much hairspray do you suppose those ladies went through? that explains the whole ozone layer thing. yikes.

i love to laugh too, you know i do. and you are one person who makes my belly hurt quite often :)