Tuesday, November 08, 2011

thankful 8.

today, i'm thankful for art. i was actually GOING to say i'm thankful for the Holy Spirit, but i don't have a good illustration to use.

see, that demonstrates why art is so important :)

i have been framing the new pics over the last week or so. so far, i have only had to buy one frame, and some matte board. very satisfying. i cannot for the life of me hang things level...esp. with plaster walls. i really need one of those picture hanger levels that they sell on infomercials. lots of crooked makes my head hurt.

yesterday, i noticed that all of the art for my office has a bird theme. what?! i do like birds, but that is a little crazy. it's like realizing that all of your sweaters are ponchos. ONE poncho is good, but they cannot all be ponchos or you become the wacky poncho lady. not. good.

art can be complicated, too.

but mostly, it just makes my eyes happy to have a resting place. some days (well, every day) you just need that.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Wacky Poncho Lady. Good stuff.

I love your art. Wish I could send the WH to hang (he is ridiculous with the leveling) and you could come help me with the framing..