Friday, November 18, 2011

thankful 16. 17. 18.

happy friday everyone!

i have been MIA for the last couple of days because i have not been at the computer much. it has been a good break, although i will be here a long time today :)

which brings me to my latest gratefulness.

i'm thankful for community. i have been fortunate to have lots of good folks around me for a long time now. i guess it's part of being *ahem* middle-aged, or maybe it is the design of God.

i love that i have a church family, for instance. one that i actually love spending time with - at this time in my life - about 3 times a week. i cannot imagine what i would do without "Jesus with skin on" as my friend anne calls those who come into your life as the light of God. i am very grateful.

after a few busy days, i'm also thankful for alone time. i think there is a HUGE difference between being alone, and being lonely. i am grateful not to be lonely, but to cherish alone time. it gives my mind space to relax, breathe and talk to God about all of the stuff of life. i crave alone time. i am grateful that my profession gives me a good mix of both community AND alone time.

let's see. i'm going to steal from rani's post about her new fire (fab name, btw) and say that i am lastly thankful for books....i just ordered another jan karon book this morning, and am looking forward to getting it, and things slowing down enough to read it. i read 'the mitford series' last winter, and got hooked on the little-house-on-the-prairieness of this writer.

do ya like how i make up my own words (is that an adjective or an adverb or what??)? because i do :)

ha. anyway - grateful for all of these things and more! i hope your day is filled with goodness and gratefulness, too.

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