Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thankful 29.

i just realized i skipped a day of thankfulness. a good reminder to me that it's easy to do that :)

i was thinking about things i have missed in this thankful journey. LOTS of things. one of the biggies is music, and how much i love it, because it changes the atmosphere. it changes my countenance.

i used to listen to a ton of sad songs. give me some dwight yoakam and a bottle of whiskey (not really, but they 'go' together) and i'd be good. i kind of secretly love to cry, so i guess it makes sense.

these days, i prefer mellow, easy music most of the time. i like lots of christian music, and mellow stuff like james taylor and natalie merchant from my younger days. i don't buy a ton of 'new' music except for christian, because it's what i hear most often in my daily life.

on sunday, i was painting at the church, and not really looking forward to a dark church and being alone there. alas, we have an ethiopian church that rents the space on sunday afternoons, so i was not alone.

as i was painting away, i could hear the sounds of the small group from the sanctuary. voices in a language i did not understand, and peaceful grooves that waaaaaaaaay carried me away to a good place. my whole mindset changed from task-oriented to experience-oriented. i became peaceful. i thanked God and felt joyful. and happy. and relaxed.

that's it. i am thankful for joyful noises and what they do in our spirits. i think i will turn on some right now, as a matter of fact.

happy tuesday!


Rani said...

hoping to hear some JOYFUL noise tonight at the Matthew West/Mandessa concert!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

bobbione8y said...

you go!!! sing unto the Lord real LOUDLY!