Thursday, November 10, 2011

thankful 10.

wow. 10 days into this thankful thing. it's going fast, although i admit i'm not going too deep :) ha. it's kind of whatever i can grab and take a picture of...meaning no people, even though i am REALLY thankful for a lot of you... ;)

lessee. facial pheromones....those are pretty swell. remember when i posted about them not long ago?

seems that SOMETHING has mellowed siesta out. she still vertical scratches on the couch, though, so it's not a perfect thing.

but her new favorite spot to rest (under the tv cabinet) is about 2 feet away from the pheromones. coincidence?

i think not :)


carey said...

i am thankful siesta's move wasn't as stressful as you anticipated. has she found any mouse at the new house?

Rani said...

I need to come here more often, darn have a beautiful thankful streak going on, B.