Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thankful 22.

look! an actual person!
this is my amazingly talented friend anne,
who has done all the hardest work on this project.
i have mostly sat around making stars...
which i am pretty good at :)

whew. here are a few shots of our work yesterday. today is a big day, we are doing two shifts to try and finish up our big project if possible. so far, we are pleased with how things are turning out.

which brings me to my latest blessing: work.

most of you know that during the time of my house buying/selling, there was a very slow period of work for me. and most of you know that i freaked when the work slowed down...for various reasons, but mostly because i am a person who is most comfortable at WORK.

our pastor gave a sermon this weekend about work, and concurred that work is something that God has designed for us to do. it's good to note that God gave adam work to do in the garden BEFORE he sinned and fell....work has always been part of God's design for us!

The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. Gen 2:15

i am imagining having an awesome job when i get to Heaven! i do admit that i've always been able to work in areas that fit closely with my desires...not every job has been great, but they have mostly all played into my skillset in some way. i feel very fortunate for that aspect of my life.

in the past week, i have gotten word that i'll be doing two rather large projects - starting in december and heading into the new year - my normal 'slow' time at work. it's odd that God flipped it for me, to give me my slow time to move, and now to bring work back as i am settled into my new home. He is good to me like that, He truly is...i am thankful!

i hope that your work brings you joy today, no matter what your job description may be :)

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