Friday, September 02, 2011


no, not that kind of wrestling, silly. although this poster is on my 'dream list' of things for the new house. because it mentions wahoo mcdaniel and mad dog vachon ... hello, names from my childhood!

exhibit #1: the circumstance that just about left me leaping over the edge of the wall this week.

no. i'm talking about a whole nuther kind of wrestling. wrestling with God, which is what my friend anne keeps bringing up when we chat...

at any rate, it seems to ring a little teeny tiny bell.... because every little circumstance that seems to come up, i'm met with the question "what do i DO with this, God? how am i supposed to deal? how are YOU going to deal with this? how do i be DIFFERENT than i was when this happened before? why do i keep doing it the same way OVER and over? what is your purpose? is it really possible that i have a purpose? are you really REALLY who you say you are?'

and on. and on.

and it starts and it stops and it keeps on keeping on. i admit, i'm a little tired from wrestling. but like any other sport, it draws you in. it's definitely NOT sitting on the sidelines, folks. i have to admit i've been thinking lately ... who wrestles with God, anyway?

um. yeah. i guess jacob did. and i think we all do, at some point or another. the good news is that God likes us to engage with Him. He is more than willing to wrestle back. and to show us Himself in the process. and just because we are just a wee bit weaker than He, he actually takes us seriously. which is something i cannot say for the wrestlers of my youth :)

just something to wrestle with :)

happy day, and especially happy Friday!


carey said...

wrestling never was my favorite sport and i certainly don't enjoy putting on the singlet myself.

Just remember God isn't really your wrestling opponent. It's more like you are wrestling yourself and He is your faithful trainer and referee.

that bathroom. sigh. let's see where THIS goes, right?

K~ said...

Hey Bob, I think this is what I meant about being "angry with God" When I told him that I don't need him anymore, During a daily prayer to him. I has always been me that I am "fighting" with. God has just been patient and forgiving. Listening and being there for me. Opening my eyes to answers that have been around me all the time. Keep up the good tile work. Remember that each tile that comes off is one less that needs to come off. :-) K