Friday, September 30, 2011

next up.

finally, the wheels are starting to turn. i am in 'project land' now, and i love it. i should be concentrating on packing, but i have not even started yet. tomorrow. always tomorrow :)

ha. the good news is that i have to be out of here by october 31. i work better with deadlines. i really do. so hopefully, that will kick some motivation into me.

in the meantime, i found another project yesterday. the buffet turned out awesomely! i want to show you, but since some sweet friends offered to help me paint the living/dining room this weekend, it will be better to have a big reveal next week! woo hoo! i'm ready for things to be semi-finished over at fern. too much disarray going on there right now.

so, okay, back to the project. it's a vintage metal typewriter table. since industrial is waaaaaaaay 'in' right now, i've been eyeing these for awhile. mine is in pretty good shape, although i'm going to have to make friends with steel wool as a first step (there is a little rust on the leg bottoms). otherwise, i'm thinking prep, paint, and decorate! should be a fun little item to keep somewhere in the new abode. i could seriously work full-time bringing back the oldies. LOVE to do this. you'll probably have to wait and see for a few weeks, however, because i don't really have time right at the moment for this :)

okay. fridays rule! going to go and get some stuff done, and enjoy the sunshine-filled day! hope you have a fab weekend, too!

ps. orange cats like sunshine, too :)

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carey said...

maybe you SHOULD make the oldies new again. can't wait to see what you do with the "old" new house. and yes, deadlines are good. let me know when you need a truck. :)