Tuesday, September 20, 2011


i took advantage of the beautiful day yesterday to clean off the garden in the back forty. usually, i leave the work until spring, so the birds and bunnies have some nice shelter in the winter. it wasn't too 'realtor-friendly' though, so now it's gone.

i admit it makes me a little sad.

i am torn between desperately wanting an offer on the house, so that the roller coaster will stop, and not really yet realizing that mabel will not be MINE. it's hard.

today, i show the house twice. i am grateful that there has been a pretty steady stream of people coming thru...hopefully, that is a good sign.

i hope that whoever buys her knows that HE comes with the deal.

have a great tuesday!


Karen said...

Can't you just take that kitty with you??????????????????

cherk said...

A steady stream of people is good, but I know you have put so mcuhc love into every little part of it. Remember is all a journey and each fork in the road is part of the excitement.