Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a season for everything

ah, i've just finished reading both ecclesiastes and song of solomon these past days in the bible. i wish i could say i got much out of either....i didn't. i kind of don't want to hear 'everything is meaningless' over and over, and then get up and do my day. i also don't have breasts like grape clusters, so that seems kind of meaningless, too :)

i wonder. i wonder about God, and why he included such chapters in the word....

i have been thinking about ecclesiastes in terms of timing. how God's timing has worked in my life, and how i've never ever been comfortable with it. from being a small kid and having anxiety about the safety of my parents and various school challenges, to being a grown up and just wishing whatever i was enduring was OVER, i have never accepted God's timing.

i'm a little bit stuck right now in that i have no other choice. i don't KNOW what will happen, or when, or how. i so want to know. i want to not be walking around in a big cloud of darkness all the time, worrying about when and how and why. i know that is not God's plan for me, for the remainder of my days.

so, i am fighting it. fighting the unknown, like it's my worst enemy. because i have the One who knows inside of me. He'll give me eyes to see, even what i cannot see. my future is secure, and my days are secure, too. i think today i will spend living in that truth, instead of in the dark cloud.

But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God;
may they be happy and joyful.
psalm 68:3


carey said...

when you look back, though, you realize that God's timing couldn't be any more perfect. it's the looking forward that's always so hard.

Karen said...

Funny you should mention time. Today was the first day of Jesus, the One and Only, and Beth talked quite a bit about time in the video. She was talking about God's 400 year silence (between the OT and the New) and about the whole "fullness of time" thing in regard to the birth of Jesus. One point she made was that we see time passing, as though it is a thing that is leaving, running out, ending. The translation of "the fullness of time" indicates that God sees time in exact the opposite way: it is coming toward us, becoming "full" or "done" or "exactly ready."

So, yeah. The fullness of time. That is the holdup in our circumstances, and God's got it down, right to the second.

bobbione8y said...

wow. that is kind of neat, karen. i do need to flip my thinking about time to that perspective...eternal, not fleshly :)

and yes. it does help to know God has perfect timing, always.