Wednesday, September 07, 2011

apple cart diet

so, the apple cart has been upset once again in the last week, as mabel is now OFF the market for the next week or so. i'm taking care of an 'issue' that i kind of sort of have to deal with before she is ready to sell.

as i bump along in the apple cart, i've noticed my pants are getting a bit looser. which is sort of funny, as i have not eaten regular food for about a month. i just cannot make myself want to cook in a kitchen that is not mine anymore ;( however, i've also gotten to the point that just looking at a combo meal makes me kind of nauseous.

yesterday, i got up and dug around in my closet for a pair of jeans. all year, i've been alternating between 3 pair of gap jeans that all look the same. and all fit the same. when i slipped the jeans on, i noticed that they were slightly SNUG! what?! how can that be?

then, i re-examined. seems i grabbed a pair of jeans that had gotten much too SMALL for me, and that i had retired some months ago. at the time of retirement, i was having to lay on the bed in order to zip. we all know that feeling (well, some of us know)...not good.

so, the once way-too-tight-and-seriously-a-size-smaller jeans now are fitting! yep, a bit tight for the first half hour, but still!!!

a good companion to the apple cart diet has been the 'work your butt off to get this house sold' exercise plan. i noticed over the weekend, after a full day of moving/cleaning/packing/painting/fixing that i was not too sore the next day. much, MUCH better than a month ago!

now, if i could just find a cure for the 'it's 3am and i have no chance of falling asleep again' phenomena that seems to accompany this diet and exercise plan. then, and only then, i could probably relax and enjoy the ride ;)

happy WEDnesday!


carey said...

you are literally working your butt off :) hard work feels kinda good, in a sore way. i am saving up some muscles for tomorrow, friend.

Rea said...

Well, I guess that is sort of good...hope the issue you have to take care of isn't too big.

How come my apple carts always make me gain weight? (Currently Mike's job seems to be making him lose weight and me gain weight at about an equal pace.)

I have done the '3am and no chance of falling asleep' thing for months; last week someone suggested using that time to lay everything out before God in prayer and praise. She said if there was a spiritual component to it at all it would be downright amusing how quickly I fall back to sleep. I'm going on about 5 nights now of only waking because I am old and need to go to the bathroom. No nightmares, no tossing and turning. Bliss.

cherk said...

I agree with Carey! Hope you can get the mabel issue resolved soon and back on the market. I am anxiously waiting to see what you do with Fern.