Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sneaky peek.

oh, the excitement of it all. very happy with the stripped down dresser!

hope to show pics in a couple of days, living in its new home!

be blessed today!


Karen said...

Okay, wait. Are we waiting to see actual pics of the dresser?

Oh, never mind. I read too quickly. It's gorgeous, Bob. I love it. :-)

Karen said...

And, OH! I love this new template!

carey said...

i am so confused. your new template made me wonder where the heck i was! i was hoping to come here for information about your house...sigh. i will enjoy this picture of your beautiful dresser while i wait.

bobbione8y said...

you guys have encouraged me to make a SURVEY for the new template. yeah. i'm tech-ie (tecchy?) like that!

i hope to get the dresser over to fern today or tomorrow ;) woot!