Tuesday, September 27, 2011

stripping away.

oh no. i'll probably get a ton of unwanted blog traffic with THAT header.

oh well. it's what has been going on in my life lately!

as i am spending my days being 'stripped away' once again because of uncomfortable circumstances, it's interesting to ALSO literally have a 'stripping away' project.

to be sure, stripping is not fun. but it is oh-so-necessary if you don't want something to stay the way it is.

look at the ugliness bubbling up on the surface. ps. if you ever plan to do this yourself, don't bother with 'earth-friendly' options. i use the most toxic stuff on the planet to get this kind of action.

the ACTUAL stripping is a horrible process. it's messy and things look way worse before they can even begin to look better. i hate, HATE it!

it's also a painfully slow, slow process. but as you dig down further in the layers, you start to see more beautiful things being revealed. it's very gratifying to see wood grain where there once was none, and a little brass keyhole that used to be totally hidden.

so, that's where i'm at. i need to keep at it, more stripping to come. i'll keep you posted on the progress ;)


anne said...

i wonder how many metaphors are possible in ONE blog post.. 1... 2... 3..4.. 5..6..7..8..9...

carey said...

exactly what she said.

cherk said...

I love a good metaphor!

Bobbi said...

oh, you guys just wait til you see what stripping produces :)