Thursday, September 08, 2011

a fun-filled thursday

ps. that ironing board only looks like it is not securely attached.

some days just stop you in your tracks and make you KNOW how fortunate you are. today was one of those days. one of those MUCH-NEEDED days.

my good buddy carey came to town with mr. j's 1992 dodge dakota to help me haul the remaining nastiness out of the basement. have i ever mentioned how much i love this girl?!

it's good to have friends. especially ones with good personalities who also do px90. the whole time, while i complained about how heavy everything was, she lifted and hauled...alot! seriously. plus, she can back up a truck like nobody's business. things were rolling smoothly along for much of the morning. i also felt less lonely to have a helper. emotional plus.

but, as usually happens, i started to hyperventilate about all of the mounds of STUFF, and decided that maybe a dump-load would be nice and handy while i had access to the dakota. so, we loaded up for the dump (which is somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, between here and who knows where. the decision was that i would follow in bert, and then she could zip back home to mitchell in time for a zillion family activities tonight. easy, peasy!!!

which it was, until somehow the keys got locked in the car. seriously. at the dump. which did not smell good. and had a ton of flies. oh, and as we were parked in the wrong spot dumping the wrong things. we soon found out that they have people at the dump who patrol those kinds of things.

this is tim. he's the one who busted us for dumping in the wrong pile. he's retired, but works at the dump, primarily to see what kind of junk people throw away. sometimes, he takes the good stuff home (but i guess that is supposed to be a secret).

at first, tim was a little peeved by us. then, he was laughing at us for being silly girls who locked their keys in the car. THEN, he made friends with us and brought us a pepsi while we waited for AAA out in the smelly, fly-infested landfill for like an hour...!!! wheee!

tim made my day, he was great. AAA eventually came, and i was glad i got a groupon for it last month. and we all lived happily ever after. i will remember this day fondly - probably sometime in the future when they are filming me for an episode of 'hoarders'... ha ha.


Karen said...

Everything is a blog post, right?! So glad you thought to snap a picture!

I seriously, seriously can't believe that truck is still running.

carey said...

i have never had such an enjoyable time at the dump :) for the record, people ask to buy that truck from the husband ALL the time. it's the kind of truck you can smack into and nobody cares.

plus, the whole floor stick shift thing makes me feel kind of an old school redneck.

cherk said...

This is too funny, this would be exactly something that would happen to ME at the dump. You are right it is good to have a workout queen for a friend.