Thursday, September 29, 2011


i found a post for cinnamon coffee pumpkin cupcakes over at a site called 'tater tots and jello' - ha. staples of my youth.

anyway. i would love to make some of these. i don't currently possess instant coffee, but i suppose i could get some for emergencies. i have crushed up instant coffee and added it to cookie dough before, so it's not too much of a stretch to add it to frosting, i don't suppose.

lot's of stuff going on around here. there has been some activity on the house, so i've been walking on some pins and needles, but actually feeling quite peaceful. i have friends at 2 churches who have been praying for mabel and i, and i'll tell you folks, you can FEEL prayer. it really matters, so remember that when you think that prayer is kind of ineffective.

ah. other news. what do you think of the new blog template? I am anxious to hear your responses!

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in other news. it's cloudy today. cloudy is not the same as sunny. cloudy makes me freak out and fear the big 'w' that is coming! go away, cloudy!

he he. have a good day :)


anne said...

1. use real coffee! overgrind it, use less and put it in in small amounts until you have the flavor you are looking for.
2. you spoke too soon... i see the sun.


Rani said...

the wind, don't forget about the WIND today, good gravy I still have chicken poop in my hair from the preschool field trip today...ick

cherk said...

ok wow is this a blog or some pro's cool website thinga majig. Love the new look. Oh and love cupcakes.

Karen said...

I think I have to make these. Today.

bobbione8y said...

yes. real coffee sounds better. thanks anne!

rani. chicken poop? there is always an adventure in montrose, isn't there?

cher. :)) thank you. it's all blogger's idea, they are getting fancy on us.

karen. do. and tell me how yummy they are :)