Thursday, September 22, 2011

new ideas

how is everyone today? the sun is out here! it's a bit chilly, and the furnace is on, but still. i am hopeful it will stay sunny all day.

i think i have finally hit a wall on the 'working every weekend' thing. i have to clean up around here a bit for the open house on saturday, but there are a couple of projects that i have been wanting to dig into that are more on the fun side of things. fun might be good.

one of them is to redo the 'free' dresser i found on the sidewalk this summer. i'm not sure where in the new house it will live, but oh well. i found some old 'stripper' in the basement, so i would like to give it a try. after looking at it up close, the damage on the sides is pretty bad, so i'll probably just refinish the drawers if they clean up well, and paint the rest out. i already have a set of fun knobs, and the brass knobs on the lower two shelves are pretty cute. oh. i am so ready for something visual and pretty :)

i also have an idea for a repurposed vintage painting, to apply text over the top of it. i have my phrase picked out, but i don't have the art yet. so, i need to go and see if any vintage landscape art is out there. for super cheap, because i don't know how well it will work. but it sounds like a good excuse to go thrifting, i guess ;)

as for the house selling, today (and hopefully for at least the next few days), i am going to let God handle the details. i kind of need the break :)

happy day!


ellen said...

Have you ever heard of or taken the StrengthsFinder? It's not a personality test, but (as the name implies) a diagnostic of things you are innately wired for and good at. It's fascinating and has been really helpful for both Chuck and me to understand ourselves and each other. I highly recommend it.

ANYWAY... I think one of your strengths is Restorative (which is one of Chuck's also). I love that you see beauty in that dresser, and you're going to help enhance that beauty even more. I hope it scratches an itch for you. Happy Thursday!

bobbione8y said...

yes, i do love the whole concept of restoration :))

thanks for the encouragement! it's so fun to see the old made new!