Friday, September 16, 2011


ah. back from a whirlwind trip to junk bonanza of my favorite places in the WORLD.

just like last year, the bonanza did not disappoint.

there were so many beautiful and inspiring things to behold. this year, i'm in a bit of a budget constraint until mabel sells, so i mostly took photos. i did get a couple of amazing things for my new office, which i'll show you in later posts.

ONE day like this can rejuvenate me for quite awhile. it's a chance to break out of the 'normal' that can become a small world, and feel hope and excitement again for things yet to come.

i am so blessed to have 2 of the best women in the world to support me and share their trials and joys with me. i love both of them dearly. this year, we also got to bring one more little art girl with us for her first bonanza. she will be born very soon, and i'm glad to know we will have more chances to go junking with her in the future ;)

ah. 24 hours of pure bliss. today, i have a sore throat and my head hurts. but my heart is super, super, super happy! thanks junk bonanza, see ya next year!


carey said...

having your heart be super, super,super happy is exactly what i was hoping for. yay junk!

i love the flower made out of book pages.

Gloria @ A Little Paint said...

Oh my goodness! Those teal chairs! I'm in love! That clock display was insane, no? I so badly want to go find junk this weekend now...

cherk said...

Ohhhh wow!I need to do that sometime!!