Monday, September 12, 2011


ah, monday, you come so quickly.

i spent another weekend in a basement, how about you?!

:) good news is, i'm getting closer to living on higher ground, as the basement work is getting nearer to completion. i am so excited to be moving over to fern to work, instead of frantically fixing on mabel.

i was so encouraged yesterday, i actually started to paint the pantry. eight years ago, when i moved into mabel, i did NOT paint the inside of the cupboards. yeah. still have not done it. and i'll tell ya, this pantry NEEDED. the awful dirty gold made me not want to store food in there. look at the difference! yay!

i have switched over to lowes for paint for the new house, due to some bad customer service at ace hardware. i have to say, i highly recommend the valspar 'signature' line! that paint is thick like sour cream. i had to paint with a brush for the hard-to-reach pantry, but i am betting it will work in one coat when i get out the roller. i love paint :)

naturally, the small progress has me planning for the kitchen spruce-up. i'm thinking of going with a mostly apple green and white/black theme. i do love a white/black kitchen.

what do you think of these fabrics? i am kind of leaning toward the green/yellow option, which allows me to still keep my vintage lovelies in the kitchen that i have collected over the past few years....

it's so good to be able to start to accomplish some stuff. here's hoping it will carry over into the week, because i am already feeling like a nap!

ha. happy monday!


Karen said...

Ok, wait. Which basement were you working on? Which pantry? Where are you sleeping these days?

I'm confused, but not about the fabric. I really like the first one.

The Wonder Hub painted (Valspar) primer in the living room (you know, the one that's been empty for a month now) over the weekend. I fear that job will never be done.

carey said...

one baby step at a time, day by day. you'll get there. fall is kind of a great time for change, right?

bobbione8y said...

that WAS a little confusing! i am working on cleaning the NEW basement from all the OLD stuff i brought over with carey last week. also, fixing up the basement shower in the NEW house since i smashed the old bathroom up and now don't have any $$ to fix it :) ha.

the pantry is new also. the whole kitchen is painted the most horrible color of yellow-brown ever. i am so ready to get rid of it! yay!

Rea said...

I vote fabric #1. It makes me smile. Fabric #2 is pretty too, but I like the birds.

bobbione8y said...

well, as it just so happens, i'll be near an ikea this week, and fabric #1 is from there :)

Karen said...

Yay! Fabric #1! So...sleeping where? You didn't answer that.

bobbione8y said...

still sleeping in mabel. they wanted me to keep here for awhile for 'staging' but to be honest, i really need to go.

hopefully by mid-October. there is still a lotta packing to do :)