Wednesday, March 07, 2012

yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away

My current obsession, dolloped perfectly into the glass.

the amaryllis i got for christmas decided to 'pop' - oh my.  

my toesies saw actual sunlight for the first time in months! time for a pedicure ;)


yesterday was what i would classify as a 'near perfect day.'

i worked a little, visited a little (went back to the old hood and caught up with my favorite neighbors), played a little, and enjoyed a LOT.

today, it's back to winter. and the grind of mid-week.

sigh. yesterday spoiled me ;)


carey said...

me too!!! wasn't it just perfect outside? i don't have the photos to back it up, but we had about 800geese in our backyard and there are about 30 bald eagles roosting just down the road. nature says spring is here!

Karen said...

Hyperbole much, Carey? :-)

I think I'm going to have that day today. Funny how I get your weather one day late.

cherk said...

Love perfect days.