Tuesday, March 20, 2012

orange dreams

"Wow, that is a lot of beige."

"Beige with stuff covering it up."

so, with the bathroom reno END in sight, i am turning my eyes to the sunroom, the last remaining above ground space that i have not touched yet. my initial thought was to make the room mostly a spring green color, with large doses of white trim, and some country pine (vinyl) flooring.

but then, i remembered that the sunroom doesn't actually get a lot of sun, until late afternoon at least. and also that orange is my favorite color ;))

so, i've been thinking about switching the palette over to orange and possibly pink! in that case, the last 3 fabrics here might be the ticket. i have been dreading sewing new cushions for my porch furniture for about 3 years now. do you think this is the year i actually DO it?

hmmmm. dunno. but i am hoping the thought of a little vintage hawaiian nest will push me forward to the next step.

oh home renovations, you haunt me sometimes!


carey said...

i can hear my mom drooling over this project :) fun in the sunroom. you are my hero. sew away.

Karen said...

I dig those flamingos. Can't wait to see your magic!