Monday, March 19, 2012

goodbye march

Siesta remembers her old favorite spot...I think.

Yes, I did start planting this weekend. Rosemary (yum) and a baby fern, of course.

happy monday, folks.

i don't remember feeling so good on a march monday, well, EVER. probably because it's not really march anymore, it's more like june. after 85 degree days this weekend, we dakotans are confused. it seems too early for green grass, grilling and hot summer nights. but yet, here we are. and most of us are happy about it. last night, i went for a walk at 8pm, and there were tons of families doing the same thing! it was like a parade! it could be the new neighborhood that is just different from the old, but i think it really IS the weather that brought so many good.

today, the men come to finish installing the bathroom fixtures. i did NOT finish the walls, but I got a start. wallpaper is easier to install on HGTV than it is in person. i swear, i almost, almost ripped it all down. thankfully, it is not quite as hideous upon drying. i am not looking forward to finishing, however.

then next monday, because apparently i am into torture, the landscapers are coming. i cannot tell you how happy i will be to NOT have ron, glen, curt, dylan, paul and joel stopping over to mess up my house every day!!! sheesh! i'm not even lying! that is far too many people for this hermit to deal with :)

the good news is that siesta is becoming more comfortable with people again. like me, however, she is probably happier with the bunnies and squirrels that hang outside the window all day ;)

have a great day!


Karen said...

You know I had to go check the calendar after seeing your title...

So happy for your happy weather. I'm afraid I'm getting so used to it that I won't be able to cope if/when it changes.

As much as I can't wait to see the finished bathroom, what I'm really waiting for is the yard.

bobbione8y said...

I know, Karen! I seriously am IN SUMMER MODE now. it cannot change, or i will move to mexico.

i can hardly wait to dig in the dirt ;)) i wish you were here to take pictures!!!!

K~ said...

It's so summer out I can't believe it! K~

cherk said...

Can't wait for the final results!