Friday, March 23, 2012

project land

hi kiddos;

what are your weekend plans? i know ONE crazy friend who is driving 9 hours today for a hockey tournament, then 9 hours back on sunday :)) otherwise, i have not talked to you lately about how your weekends are going!

mine is going to be good.

i have a garden meeting for our mercy church garden tomorrow. we're gonna grow some goodness over there this year!

plus, the wallpaper project is still hanging around. har. i am dreading that one.

PLUS, i might work on my aunt's old piece of furniture that i got from her estate sale. my cousins made fun of me for wanting this old thing, but i thought it was very charming.

Originally, there was a weird green vinyl "padding" on both shelves....

The detail is really pretty, though

Plus, a place to store books and magazines and cat treats...!

I have it sanded and puttied and ready to prime. I hope to get going this weekend on it!

oh. and after monday, my view out to the back yard will no longer look like this:

the landscapers are coming on monday to cut branches and dig trees and haul away yucky rocks. then my super burly 'husband' is coming with HER husband's old truck to bring in a new stone border around my lovely old pine tree. look out adirondack chairs, i'll be seeing you often starting very soon!

happy fritag, everyone ;)


Karen said...

I am cranky, but doing my very best to look past that and really think about weekend projects.

SO. It's been warm here. Today will be hottish. I hooked up and turned on the soaker hose in the new landscape bed....and noticed four hours later that the sidewalk and yard were soaked, too.

We are still trying to get lead paint off the door/headboard.

Seriously considering making some of the jewelry storage crafty stuff on Pinterest.

Track and lacrosse, in two different directions.

A Women's Ministry meeting at church that I'm trying to skip.

Working up the gumption to mulch. Remember last year's mulching? I don't think any girlfriends are going to offer to help this year..

bobbione8y said...

oh. don't even mention mulch. I have YARDS and yards of it that i will need.

hoping i might be able to hire it done. although those days are about over. unless my gravy train arrives soon.

enjoy the hot. enjoy the green. enjoy the crafting.

tolerate the rest :)

happy weekending.

Rani Gordon said...

hang with the kiddos


do laundry


sunday school and Bible study

more laundry

more hanging


Have a good one!

Karen said...

I just received a Google Alert stating that I am speaking at the Women's Ministry Meeting tomorrow. Ever-so-vaguely, I remember something about....something. Crud. I guess I'm going to miss lacrosse. The first game, even. Dangit.

I seriously have got to get my act together.

cherk said...

Hhmmmm weekend plans...I haven't even got there yet. Maybe that is a good thing:) I want YOU to come over and do all my yard work for me.I do have to replant some bulbs that lovely luna may thought were fun to dig up and toss around.