Thursday, March 01, 2012

afternoon snack and a heart attack

i'm having my PM snack of a whole yellow bell pepper right now. yum. i got a free ride to sam's club yesterday, and these were one of my best purchases. 6 days of snackin' - i like them almost as much as candy bars. weird.

i am doing my very very best not to look over the contractors' shoulders all day today. they are not really perfectionists, i don't think. have you ever noticed it's easier to accept imperfection in yourself than in others?

sigh. it's been kind of rough on me. however, the one guy reminds me of my dad. so i guess that is helping me to cope. actually, they are pretty nice guys. in the end, i have to remember that is the kind of thing that really matters.

i hope i like it in the end.

regardless, pics to come!


cherk said...

Love yellow and red peppers. I have to have hummus with mine though. What kind of makeover is Fern getting?

bobbione8y said...

hey cher - bathroom being renovated, kind of 'on the cheap' - so i hired a couple of handymen. they are definitely not in the big league :)) ha. but the wallpaper is going to be good!

love peppers also. they are my favorite thing to grow!

Carrie Foster said...

What a great idea for snacking! I typically throw my peppers into a sandwich or salad. Check out our delicious Grilled Cheese with Chicken and Peppers recipe: It’s easy to make and the peppers add amazing flavor. Thanks for shopping at Sam’s Club! – Carrie from Sam’s Club