Friday, March 09, 2012

friday photo essay

The state of things over here is pretty chaotic. Bathroom parts strewn everywhere, half done laundry and construction dust. Siesta finds solace in the middle of the madness. Good to remember that it can be done...

I discovered a new hardware store yesterday. It was like walking back in time, and the guy spent 15 minutes with me searching for a $1.58 part. I was once again reminded that the 50s must have been fabulous.

My amaryllis now has SIX blossoms. and 2 yet unfurled...I have been reading up on how to keep it going, but most everyone mentions that normally there is ONE stalk, not two, of blooms. A small miracle in my midst...thank you Lord.

wow. kind of a crazy week. finding beauty in odd places, though. hope you have a lovely weekend guys!


Karen said...

Your photo essays and mine are worlds apart, aren't they?

Yours make me smile..

Happy weekend, my friend!

bobbione8y said...

I hope you are having fun with the photography lessons!

I really cannot view your blog anymore, it just doesn't seem to load correctly on my computer...(i thought it might be the size of your photos, but if others can see them, not sure what the prob is)...

i would love to have a lesson or two, so let me know when you turn pro :)