Monday, March 12, 2012

the cliff is looming

oh, friends. i have to tell you about my weekend.

francis chan

i met a wonderful man (and i tell ya, i have been avoiding meeting him for awhile), and i have a feeling he might be part of the chain of reactions that is rocking my world.

it started on thursday, when i went to barnes and noble to pick up a devotional (jesus calling) for a friend who's been sick. i NEVER go there, i feel like i'm cheating on amazon. ha. but, on the table was a book i've heard about for about a year. so, anticipating a weekend in which i might need to read to decompress, i bought it. i actually forgot i have a kindle when i bought it!

so, the book is 'crazy love' and the man is francis chan. he spoke at lifelight last year, and i guess that is when i figured out that he's a pretty big deal. on friday, i mentioned to a client that i had just bought the book. he said 'uh oh. be prepared to have your world rocked'. and then he mentioned that when he and his family had sold their house in a gated community with a pool (last fall) and moved and now live in an apartment where he is starting a new business, and THIS book was the catalyst. oh boy.

if you're curious, you gotta check out this video:

I ended up staying up til nearly 2pm on friday, because i could not stop thinking about this video.

and all day saturday, while doing taxes and scraping wallpaper and painting walls, i thought about it some more. and then i went to church on sunday, and everything (i mean everything) that i had been thinking about was confirmed in the message and in the worship.

especially the part about our minds being like a coke can full of water, and God being the ocean, and there is no POSSIBLE way we can understand or comprehend the wonder, the AWE of Him, and in the most amazing way, HE LOVES US. and just wants us to recognize our place in His creation and LOVE HIM BACK. that's it. no other purpose. all other parts of our life flow from that truth. 

and i want to experience that love, more and more and more.

but, there is a cost. it means giving up the things i THINK i want. the things i THINK i have to do to make my own life 'right.' so yes - the 'me' part and my coke can brain. i have to give it up. all of it....for the OCEAN. which i have to admit, kind of scares me.

but oh. i do want the ocean. i do.

do you?
you might want to think about it...

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Rea said...

Love it. Need to add that book to my list of 'to read'.