Friday, March 02, 2012

okay, so i stole this photo. one of my favorite little people made it. it makes me not so much smile, but really laugh on the inside. and yet, i SO agree with his viewpoint!!! scary.

here's the state of things over in fernville. now it's in my court to finish up the walls. at least i will not be tripping over a toilet and vanity! however, this old bladder will not have an upstairs toilet for TWO WEEKS. i can tell already that she is not happy. but patience is a virtue, and i'm learning that time goes quickly.

happy friday, everyone! go out and soak up some of that sunshine today!

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carey said...

brrr. the sunshine is filled with icy wind. i'll try again later.

just think of all the extra calories you will burn going up and down stairs to the bathroom.

your bathroom looks a lot better than i was thinking, thank goodness. did you finally just have to kick the plumbers out?