Wednesday, March 28, 2012

freshly dug

small south-facing bed
main south-facing bed

under the tree, where i will be most of the time ;)

giant space along back yard ... fence to go up in about 3 weeks.

hey, it's a rhubarb!

stone remnants from days gone by.

wow. that is a LOTTA bare dirt. i'm a little bit afraid.

not much to see after the gunk is gone, but there were a couple of archialogical finds ;)

schwew. i see some manual labor in my future.

1 comment:

carey said...

i have no doubt you will have that bare dirt filled in no time with all kinds of beauty. BTW, i talked to the guy at menards last night and he said NOW is the time to put down crab grass prevention/fertilizer. do you have a fertilizer spreader?