Monday, March 05, 2012

pinterest is good for something


whew - happy monday!

how was the weekend? most of me had a good weekend, except for my respiratory system. after weeks of breathing in noxious fumes from all kinds of bad-for-you paint and house renovation items, my nose said 'i'm done.'

i woke up yesterday with mountains of snot coming out of me! sorry. graphic picture 'erase'!! ha.

anyway, when i got home from church, i knew i needed to make peace with myself, so i looked up air fresheners on pinterest.

here's what i found:

if you cut up a lemon, add some rosemary (i only have dried at this time of year, but usually have a fresh one in the summer) and a T. of vanilla, add some water and put it on the stove to simmer all day, the noxious fumes take a break and go hide out in the basement or something.

sigh. i'm gonna need me a crate of lemons by the time this old house is good to go :)


ellen said...

Good to know! I've been wondering about homemade air fresheners too. I remember my mom doing something with simmering cinnamon sticks, but I'm fresh outta those. I might have to give your lemon one a try!

bobbione8y said...

yep, ellen, it was a keeper. it got a little steamy in the house after awhile, but i actually appreciated the humidity for once!

just don't forget and leave it on the stove! yucky burning lemons and rosemary - not good ;) not that i would know. ha.