Monday, March 26, 2012


hey folks. it's monday already.


landscapers are here. joel (company owner) gets up at 4:45 in the morning; he is 'prayed up' and ready for the week. he is my model for Jesus these last couple of weeks. love when that happens.

here is my 'work table' = ugh.

i laughed when i went to kristie's house this weekend, and she had about 47 projects going simultaneously. it's a sickness. we share.

i did get some things done. wallpaper is not my friend...but it is fine for now. i did almost everything one could DO wrong....but still. it is kind of pretty :)

my biggest accomplishment is getting a hole in the wall for the light fixture. oh. and leveling the medicine cabinet using my iphone app. cardboard is a good thing ;)) he he.

and so it goes! i love spring. i love renewed energy.

may God power your day, friends!


SDGuy91 said...

the bathroom looks great, B!

bobbione8y said...

oh, thanks man.

only the electrical to go, then done with this one!

i did sort of stick a screwdriver in the socket yesterday - kind of a warm fuzzy feeling ensued. not in a good way :)

Karen said...

Oh, geez. Is your hair curly?

Our projects included lots of yard work (there are a ridiculous number of leaves in NoVA), and pulling out the dishwasher to look for the elusive (and torturous) dead mouse, only to find that there is no dead mouse, but rather an improperly attached hot water hose that has likely been leaking onto the sub-flooring for 3.5 years, creating a horrific smelling, science project-worthy, black mold.

So, yay for new dishwashers???

carey said...

the bathroom looks awesome, one project down (almost). proud of you.