Thursday, March 29, 2012

spring giveaway


you have been selected as a 'winner.'

for a limited time only, the back forty is giving away an amazing prize package that includes:

note: can you find the hidden child behind these behemoths?

ferns. lots and lots of ferns. as you can tell from the picture, these guys are somewhat agressive if they have a happy spot to live. unfortunately, tacked to the 'low' corner of the house that invites water into the basement is not a real 'happy place.'

so, away they go. please come get some. i truly, truly hate to see beautiful plants being thrown away.

even though, currently, they are not exactly beautiful.

there is however, HOPE.

the landscapers are coming in about two weeks to finish up  their work, and this bed will be gone. a few of these guys are spoken for by my mom and myself, but if you have a shady, moist spot in your yard that could use some friends, i'd be glad to arrange a relocation :)

happy thurs!


carey said...

oh! hmm. we don' have much shade here in our treeless world, but i will take a few little sprigs and try hard not to kill them.

bobbione8y said...

they're hardy, carey. they will probably kill you before you kill them :)

Rea said...

If they stayed all cute and tiny like that little guy I would take them, but I am not really a fern sort of person. I don't think my house is either.

bobbione8y said...

Rea, i have 3 peony plants, too, if you are interested in those - more sun loving ;)

Karen said...

I wish I could come take a few...lots of shade here! I am also happy to report that the peonies I hacked off last summer after reading how to (incorrectly) take care of some fungus or other...are back!