Wednesday, April 20, 2011

unanswered questions....

why do you suppose my front step decided to cave in, and how do you suppose i would go about mending it?

what do you think caused a LARGE chunk of my front lawn to die, esp. when most of the neighbors (who do not give lawn care one iota of thought) have thriving lawns?

perhaps most importantly, do you think HE is involved with any of this suspiciousness?


KristieLou said...

So I am not sure about how to remedy the steps...but I do know about the yard.

My yard looks the said it is damage from snow mold fungi.

Next time he comes up he is going to bring some fertilizer or something like that to put on the yard to make it pretty.

I can send him over with the correct yard stuff :)

Karen said...

i don't know about the steps or the lawn, but that squirrel wants you to put a corncob on his corncob holder.

bobbione8y said...

lou!! i wondered about that! i had a tiny patch of it last summer, this time it's BAD.

i love your ace advice :)) wink. wink.

karen. i know who you really are :)

Rani said...

our steps are sinking in the back, too. but we have blocks so we have to tear out and redo...I was thinking a bag of sand, some sack crete and some leveling and then paint over the top could make yours look pretty good, unless you want to tear it out and start over.

bobbione8y said...

bag of sand! good idea rani! i was thinking of stuffing the hole with styrofoam :)

i can do the quick crete/painting part :)

K~ said...

DON'T SEAL YOUR SNAKE FRIENDS IN!!! I can ask Rick if you really need to know. You becareful lady. don't need you to go sailing down those steps!! K~