Tuesday, April 05, 2011

good news bad news

so, i got my new glasses at noon today. i ended up purchasing from a place with 'mart' on the end. i could NOT justify spending $500-$600 for designer glasses. seriously people, i'm not designer anything, except i AM a designer. i'm sort of an oxymoron that way.

so, a student of mine recommended eye mart. i was so stunned at the price, i was doubtful. it's also been about 6 years since i had a new eye prescription, so i guess i was a little scared of change. the only bad thing about not changing, is that i could not see. which is a bit of a hindrance.

so, picked em up. everything was huge and bright and sparkled! i drove around town, amazed that i can see stop and street signs. seems like a good thing, right?

until i got home and sat down at the computer. dang it all. for some reason, i can no longer see the computer screen.


i wish old eyes did not happen...
i guess now i'll have to get a GIGANTIC computer monitor that i can sit several feet away from. that should solve everything ;)


Rea said...

You can join me in the health aisle as I squint at bottles with teeny-tiny lettering while moving them back and forth trying to figure out what they say. If I die from taking medication wrong, its not my fault. Who knew it would set in this early?

bobbione8y said...

it's all about distance...if i get JUST the right distance away, i can see anything. the only bad thing is that the distance varies from 2cm to 20 feet.

i will say, i kind of beat the odds. the eye doctor warned me this would start to happen at about 40. and i'm almost 49. so i guess i am thankful for the last nine years :)

ps. please don't die, ask the pharmacist to read it for you :)

anton said...
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carey said...

i hope my eyeballs hold out as long as yours have. i actually hope my computer holds out even longer.