Thursday, April 28, 2011


i am sad for my sweet alabama today, and the other states who have had so many storms.

i am also sad that a country can idolize charlie sheen all OVER the place for months, but usually not really focus on stuff like this for more than a day or two.

God, help us.


Karen said...

We lived through an Alabama tornado. The destruction was overwhelming, but still, my mind cannot comprehend this.

I learned yesterday (in 6th grade science class) that there are an average of 800 tornadoes per YEAR in the US...there were at least 150 just last night.

carey said...

yes, it's hard to fathom. i watched some of the footage and it just takes your breath away. is it just me or does the weather seem to be getting crazier?

Karen said...

It's biblical that everything gets worse before Jesus comes.

bobbione8y said...

oh yeah. end times stuff, not even a question.