Tuesday, April 05, 2011


sigh. sigh of relief. today is the first 'normal' work day i have had in awhile. generally, mon-thurs has been kind of a blur. and friday has become 'catchup' day, which has somehow also bled into saturday or sunday, or both.

today, i have a normal list. i am learning a couple of things. for one, you miss stuff when you are always thinking about what you have not accomplished yet. you miss joy. you miss really listening to and being with your friends. you miss your yard.

yesterday, i called a couple of people and apologized that i did not have their stuff done yet. i told them that i would rather be honest and admit i am overbooked, and asked if they would forgive me. know what? both of them did, and now i have a bit more time on both of their projects. it really was not that hard to admit that i am a 1-person agency, and that 1 person sometimes cannot meet everybody's needs. schwew.

so, today is good. i still have a really full week, but somehow a weight has been lifted. i DO plan to go outside and poke around in the flower beds, and see what is coming up. i do plan to smile. i do plan to not plan every second out :)

i do hope you get to do the same! happy tuesday :)

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Rani said...

honest is a wonderful policy...what a beautiful day?!!?!? I can't get over the sunshine, it's so good for...well anything!