Friday, April 22, 2011

a bleak day

another grey day. i think the fact that this week has been cold and grey has helped me to realize the human condition before Christ was pretty bleak. tonite, i will go to a Tenebrae service at my church, to further extend the bleakness. i had never attended a tenebrae service before last year, it is very dramatic and somehow makes more real the significance of the cross. it also makes more real the HOPE for 3 days later!!! i hope you all have a special touch from God on your Easter celebrations.

i got this picture in my facebook inbox this morning. it's a cart from a shopper at my favorite greenhouse, medary acres in brookings. that person and myself have a lot in common, i kind of want all of her plants. i cannot really believe that it's time to shop for plants! i am still wearing socks and fleece jackets every day. i have not been outside to work on the yard once. i guess i will be SUPER happy when the sun finally comes out, and it's instantly TIME. for everything good.

have a great Good Friday everyone!


anne said...

I think it would be easier to count what I DON'T want on that cart.

carey said...

i am ready too, for sun and flowers. funny how i am always so ready for spring, and then how i am so ready for fall. right now i would just take some sunshine in any form :)