Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the next new thing

sometimes, i cannot believe how my mind fixates on things. of course, it's spring and growing THINGS is a huge focus. i cannot imagine how God felt when he actually invented all this stuff! ha.

anyway. here we go. i've been thinking about air plants. lots and lots of air plants. i sort of remember them from the 70s (i know, i know) and they always were hot glued to a piece of driftwood. i would not do that to them.

oh. what is sort of cool is that they don't need dirt, but they like to soak in a dish of water once a week for an hour. so, in a way, kind of high maintenance. but not.

what do you think? thumbs up or down?


carey said...

they are cool in an alien sort of way. what would you do with a house full of air plants? besides creep people out a bit?

Karen said...

Where would you put them when they're not having a bath?

Bobbi said...

um, in the AIR karen! du-uh :)

er. not sure.

Karen said...


Maybe you could make little stands out of toothpicks and just kind of prop them up around the house..

bobbione8y said...

see! you're creative!

K~ said...

THUMBS WAY UP!!!!!! I love the air plants and I too remember the ones glued on the driftwood. I like it in a dish, glued on a log, or anywhere :-)!!! K~