Monday, April 18, 2011

new day

“As they make music they will sing,
“All my fountains are in you.”

Psalm 87:7

that was the chord that struck this morning as i was reading my bible. i find it funny sometimes the odd things that get my attention. this morning, however, it was not odd at all, but God speaking Truth into me.

i've been busy. whenever i get busy, i tend to take control of my life, in order to get the most things done possible. i usually talk to God in quick, 'let me tell you about my day' conversations. i miss listening when i get like this, and i find that one-way conversations with God are not nearly as powerful, when we are the ones leading.

so, this morning i asked Him to reverse that trend. as always, he led me into His heart. i so love that! every devo i read, every bible passage, led me to the truth of it all, that ALL of my FOUNTAINS are in Him! no one else! nothing else!! NO THING else! and He welcomed me back into His heart with ease and joy.

as we enter this holy week, that is a really important thing to know. and to live by. that He welcomes us back with joy. it brings peace to us, and to those around us. it's my prayer for you, too.


okay. a couple more things. weekend was good. even though the weather has been strange and cold, i am somehow not that depressed about it. i KNOW that warmer weather comes, eventually it just does.

i did spend some time this weekend being a housewife. i 'put up' some strawberries, because i got them for $1/pound on sale. i actually got 12 pounds, but a few were kind of spoiled, so maybe 10 pounds all together. i made a batch of low sugar jam for my mom, and froze most of the rest. they are great to snack on, or in smoothies, etc in the summer. buying strawberries in season is always a good idea :)

i also thrifted a bit on saturday, a sure sign of spring. i got a couple vases for spring plants, and a potholder for 10 cents, and this pendant watch. lately, i'm kind of into thrifted grandma jewelry. i think it looks good mixed with more modern stuff. i got a couple compliments on this piece, even though it does not keep accurate time. that kind of makes me love it even more!

anyway, life is good. have a great monday, all!


Rani said...

This is the day...

I find myself doggie paddling to keep my head up and for some reason I don't use my life jacket(the Word) near often enough.

I turn to food instead the Bible. Like a whole sleeve of oreos.

On a more 'lighter' note, I froze some strawberries, too. Excellent buy on those yummy antioxidant filled treats. Smoothies here we come.

More food...sigh.

K~ said...

LOVE the clock/watch!! I also want to freeze some strawberries for later too. Also, I would like to see rain instead of snow that is in our future. K~